Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two under two'sday

Hello All. 
Today I wanted to start something new and fun, I recently saw a GREAT - GREAT double great post series over at Strawberry Swing and Other Things called Two Under Two'sday. Miss Erinn was kind enough to share her series idea with me. So here is where I will try and capture a small piece of life with two chitlins under two years old. Reagan will be two soon, so fingers crossed this series will be over before I start dreading it.

These posts will range from a recap of our week - to - a specific story from the week - sometimes I may just ramble about nonsensical things...who knows I'm kind of winging it.

I know most of you will be reading my "two'sday" post on wednesday since I'm getting it up and running so late in the day. Next week I vow to be more prompt. 

Lets kick off our first week with our failed first attempt at sharing a room for nap time::

I've been excited about the girls sharing a room, since...we'll since I decided that was the plan. But since Carter is still sleeping in our room The girls had yet to really share the room. So far the extent of the sharing was CJ getting a drawer for her clothes.

On Friday I decided that today was the day the girls have their first nap session together. Carter is such a great napper so I didn't think it would be a problem to lay them down together. After all she is used to Reagan's antics and noise, I figured she would sleep through any ruckus Reagan made.
Reagan is traditionally a good napper, I can count on a solid hour to an hour and a half nap from her.
I rocked CJ until she fell asleep and slipped her in her crib. And then I changed Reagan's diaper and laid her down in her crib.

Reagan giggled and cheered "bebe" for 10 minutes. Then whined and yelled "pleasssse" for another 10. Then Carter started crying out, can't imagine why... Reagan promptly started yelling "oh no", now that CJ was crying. I knew CJ wouldn't fall back asleep at this point, so I went in to get her. Well clearly Reagan thought that was so unfair that she had to stay in there. So she really started going at it. After a solid 20 more minutes of mayhem Reagan settled down for a good nap.

I know it will take some getting used to for Reag to all of a sudden be having a slumber party everyday. Maybe next time I'll try and switch the lay down order - Reagan first then slip CJ in once she is asleep...? 

Moral of the story, the more we practice the better it will get. 

I'll leave you all with a little growth comparison of my precious baby. Carter will be as big as Reag in no time! 

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