Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Infantino baby food making toys

I'm sure you read all about Carter's start at solids. Well in anticipation of introducing more new foods to her, I hopped on my trusty ole amazon account and ordered some new fun toys for me!

I've been a sucker for the food pouches ever since Reag started solids. I actually remember the first one I ever bought, we were out and about and I decided to stop for a lil sum sum at Starbucks. They had the prettiest basket full of brightly colored pouches right next to the register. I impulsively tossed one on the counter thinking my little lady needed a special treat too! 

I did my darndest to make all of Reagan's baby food. But there were plenty of times I grabbed a few jars to supplement the homemade stuff, I rarely 'splurged' for the pouches. And a splurge it is, those suckers can be pricey. 

Nowadays, I purchase the applesauce pouches on the regular. Reagan LOVES them because they are delish and I love them because they are convenient and self contained. Although still pricey.

As excited as I am to start the feeding frenzy over again with Carter, the thought of freezing the purees in ice cube trays then transferring the cubes into ziplocks like I did with Reagan gives me a double dose of freezer anxiety. 

Enter the Infantino 'Fresh Squeezed' line:

I just ordered these three items today, the system had great reviews and I thought ''Hey, why not''. If all goes well, making the pouches at home will same a ton of money while still giving me the convenience of pouches. I anticipate that Reagan will love them as much as CJ, I'll be sure to keep you posted and share recipes along the way!

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