Saturday, May 24, 2014


As a self declared food LOVER, I get so excited when I get to start introducing food to my little babes. Reagan had rice cereal right about 4 months, I decided to let CJ try it a little early. Carter has been rolling over and sitting (assisted) up for a few weeks now, and when she went from sleeping through the night to waking up for a midnight snack I knew she was telling me she was ready for a little more substance.

I picked up a box of Beech Nut cereal while scanning the isles of my local Target, and whipped up a tablespoon or so. 

Carter was a F A N ! 

I am so excited to start the 'first foods' experience with this little nugget! It's taking all I have to restrain myself from busting out the blender and filling our freezer with little baggies full of delicious purees. I have been stocking my Pinterest cookbook with yummy recipes and will share some of our favorites while we go!

"Did you say steak is next?"

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