Monday, May 5, 2014

Three Months

My sweetest Carter J,

Another beautiful month. I keep saying how different this experience has been from Reagan, I'm sure my attitude has a lot to do with it, but it all seems so much calmer- so much more natural. Carter has fit right in, like a little piece in the puzzle of life.

You are definitely a great sleeper, I know your 'sleepy-time' cues, and can get you to fall asleep relatively quickly (with a good swaddle and a paci). You sleep through the night most of the time, but occasionaly wake up to eat around 3-4a sometimes 5a. We're awake for 15 minutes for a feeding and a quick diaper change and right back to bed. There has been a few times when you decide you aren't ready to go back to sleep yet, I play the pictures on my phone as a slideshow for you and you drift off to sleep. You take three to four naps during the day.

You are at the peak season of your 3-6 month clothes, growing faster than I could have imagined! I'm looking forward to dressing you in some of Reagan's Summer clothes from last year. I have lots of favorites that I've kept a close eye on over the year. You wear size 3 diapers, since that's what big Sissy wears it's just easiest to put you in the same size. It also has helped with "blowouts" having a little extra room for your daily packages.

You are still such a chill baby, you love to lay on your playmat or hang out in your swing. You enjoy baths and LOVE diaper changes. The only time you really let us have it is when your hungry and we can't get a bottle in your mouth fast enough! You love to watch your Sister play and think she is the silliest person in the world. You are the best little smiler and have even giggled a few times, it melts my heart and soul.

You are a scoocher, you wiggle and scooch around on your back whether you are in your bassinet or on the floor. You have been sitting in the 'bumbo' chair the last couple weeks, your so strong and hold your head up a lot. During tummy time you push yourself up on your arms, time flies, all too soon you will be rolling over and then crawling. I just can't believe it.

We've been venturing out in public more this month. I've finally gotten the baby wrap down and can finagle you into it confidently enough to go places. Soon we will be cruising all about town without a care in the world!

Another month or so and I will start introducing solids! Hooray! I love the excitement of having you try new flavors and see what you like and dislike. I have a feeling you will be a great eater like your sister! I'll also be looking into getting you an amber necklace soon! You are such a little drool bug, and I am a huge amber necklace fan - hopefully it helps.

Carter's Stats::
Height: between 24-25 inches
Weight: 14lbs-ish

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