Thursday, May 1, 2014

Twenty Two Months

Twenty Two Months

Stats: Probably the same.

Clothes: 18 month and 2T

Favorite food: Top-a-ramen....mother of the year. We've seemed to be on the go more this month so meals have been fast and easy. I throw a fruit squeeze in to make me sleep a little better at night.

Words: Reagan's vocab has SKYROCKETED this month, I can hardly keep up. My favorite is, she is learning her colors and recognizes them in certain objects. We are also working on counting a lot. Anytime I ask her "how many?" she responds with "one, three, nine, nine, nine" it's the best.

Favorite activities: Reagan has been loving the childcare center at the gym, she rockets off as soon as we drop her off and plays "catch me if you can" when we come to pick her up. She loves to help me clean up, uses the swiffer and throws away random crumbs laying about. Reagan loves to color and draw.

Least favorite activities: We've really had a great month, thanks to my little friend the amber necklace Reagan has been in a great mood! I swear by it, and am even contemplating getting one for myself...

Signature moves: Declares "nigh-night" and runs off to bed. Giving nucks and blowing it up

Mom's proudest moment(s): Reagan has become such a good helper with Carter, she gives her the paci - talks to her - shows her toys and gives her hugs to try and help calm her down when she is crying. It's the sweetest thing.

Dad's proudest moment: Dad isn't aware, buttttt one afternoon Reagan was sitting on the counter while I prepped lunch and she pointed to an empty beer can waiting to go to recycling and stated "Daddy!". I chuckled and said "yes, that's daddy's". Comical.

Other milestones: POOPING IN THE POTTY! Although we are far from potty trained it was a pretty exciting moment!

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