Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Our Week In Review::

This little nugget:

I sat her up against the pillow (fully awake) and went to run her and sissy a bath, when I came back to get her, she had not only fallen over, but completely fallen asleep. Needless to say, she missed bath day. 
*Never wake a sleeping baby*
GAH, could you just eat her up!?!


 Aunt Jenni has always remembered me on Mayday....It's funny because every year I seem to forget, but as soon as I open the door to the delivery man with a bouquet, it hits me, "it's Mayday"! 
I am SO SO SO SO SO lucky to have married into such a thoughtful and generous family. I can't even say it enough. 
It's easy to get sucked into the day-to-day survival mode that is 'stay at home mothering', you go through the motions with nary a "thank you" - a pat on the back - a "good job", but when you get a little recognition it means a lot. A super lot. I doubt Aunt Jenni knows how much these flowers mean to me (a lowly 'ole housewife). They mean so much to me and I will never take them for granted. 

Blurry picture:

Miss Carter J had officially started batting at things. She has toyed with the idea in the past weeks but now she is full blast batting. CJ loves to lay on her playmat and bat at her toys. She usually spends a good amount of time in the morning and afternoon on the playmat. I don't remember Reagan ever loving the playmat this much, but that's probably because I was too busy holding her 24/7 (#secondchildproblems). 

Adult time:

Friday night after the girls went to bed, Cody and I snuck out to the patio for cocktail hour. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening, a slight breeze blowing, frogs croaking, the distant sound of a neighbors sprinkler. It was a very needed couple of hours. I love catching up with my husband. He's the best. 

Sous Chef:

Reagan helped me make pancakes, I pre-measured all the ingredients (ie pancake mix and water) and she poured them all in the bowl and mixed them up. She was so careful not to spill, such a great little helper!

Sister Snuggles:

Nowadays, whenever I prop CJ up in the corner of the recliner Reagan climbs right up with her. They chat and play with toys, CJ just smiles and giggles at her. I could not be happier with how great of a big sister Reagan is. We have never had an incident of jealous or bad feelings towards CJ, these girls were truly meant to be sisters. I love seeing their bond and relationship grow as Carter gets older.

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