Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Wow, just barely squeaking by on my Tuesday post (by west coast standards). I was going to scrap it for the day, it was a tough day around these parts. But since the girls have gone to bed I've been able to rejuvenate myself with microwave lasagna and a glass of box wine. Yes that was the highlight of the day. 

I am capital N  O  T a morning person. My favorite thing about Cody and my tag team parenting is that he is usually the one to get up with the girl(s) in the morning, leaving me to sleep for another hour or two. Well since he has been gone (2 weeks and 3 days now) I have been getting the wake up call. And the mornings KILL me. KILL me! Most Mom's have the "witching hour" and it typically is 5-6pm but I rock the dinner time rush. It's the 5-6am that I struggle with. 

Ok. Let me clarify. On days that I have nothing planned, where I can just leisurely lay about and make Reagan 3 different breakfasts before she agrees to eat one, give Carter bottle after bottle to bulk back up after her long slumber. It's great. No worries. 

It's when I actually have something on the agenda, that's when all H-E double hockey sticks breaks loose. 

Today I had high hopes of getting the gym and kicking my own ass, and for whatever reason things just piled and piled until I was on the brink of loosing my shit. And before I knew it, we were transitioning from Reagan refusing breakfast to refusing a nap. Dirty diapers are collecting in the corner of the couch and yesterday's snack is sticking to the bottom of my feet on the more than filthy floor. I washed my sheets two day's ago, but have yet to make the bed (yes I've been sleeping on the bare mattress). The only thing keeping me from a complete breakdown is the caffeine pulsing through my veins. Oh wait no. I did have a complete melt down. 

But guess what. We all got fed, bathed and are still alive, so I need to focus on the fact that we survived. And accept that someday's that needs to be the goal. 

But this wasn't even what I wanted today's post to be about. I wanted to share about our recent visit to the farm. 

So here that goes. 

Last Wednesday us girls made a trip 'up the hill' to the farm. It turned into an impromptu overnight trip and we returned home Thursday afternoon. 

The farm has always been my oasis, a place I can go to have my soul washed over and rejuvenated. Nana & Papa loved having us there, they didn't even need to say it. I could see it in their faces. And that made me happy. 

The weather was beautiful. And the company was even more perfect. 

We had a great time sitting around catching up, in between chores of course. I will always be in awe of the amount of work my Nana and Papa do on a daily basis, and I can't even imagine the amount of work they have done in their lifetime. They are constantly moving and working. I will always remember my Summer's visiting as a child, and my Nana saying "oh someday Papa will retire" I will venture to say he has still yet to 'retire' and my Nana too for that matter. 

I was so busy enjoying our visit that I failed to take an abundance of pictures. However I did snap these priceless photo's of Papa and Carter.  

Uhhhh Melt my heart. 

Here's to hoping tomorrow is better and that Friday will come fast. 

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