Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Two Under Two'sdays

I spent all last week sick as a dog. It was awful, I haven't been that sick since....College?? Well this week brings along new Summer weather and a better feeling Mama. I still have a horrible cough and lots of lung butter in and around my sinus cavities but things are looking up.

Now for our weekly post::

Mother's day photo shoot..sorta

Another photo shoot with too high of expectations...children are easiest to photograph between the ages of 6-12 months. I'm certain of that. But here 'goes.

I know what you're thinking. Ashley don't you own a weed wacker?? The answer to that my friends is no. No we don't. The fence line is in desperate need for a little TLC.

& then there were none...

Here's to my first Mother's Day as a Mother of Two. 


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