Monday, June 23, 2014

33 Hours with Daddy

Us Austin girls had a very special weekend! We got to spend a whole day with Cody, 33 hours to be exact...but who's counting??

This is the longest we've had Cody around since he got home from Kansas City, and it was magical. I savored every minute, every diaper that he changed, dish that he washed and cry that he soothed. It was so great to be part of a team again, it was hard to say good bye.

We made the best of our time playing outside a lot and enjoying each others company.

Post nap snuggles with Daddy

Post nap kisses from Sissy

Raspberry blowing Queen of the Inland Northwest

Not be outdone by little sister

These little firecrackers got some new Fourth of July gear from Miss Danna, I had grandiose ideas of a spectacular photo shoot. Those plans were quickly foiled. But I will attempt again soon. These outfits need to be captured in all their glory. I did manage some token recliner shots.  Someday I'll figure out how to get them both in focus. #expensivecameraproblems

Happy Monday to you all!

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