Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Review

My Infantino fresh squeezed products arrived! Remember when I ordered it?

First thing I did was head out to the store for some produce. I intend to not only use these for Carter, but to replace the applesauce pouches I currently buy for Reagan as well. 

{Not pictured: Tree Top, no sugar added applesauce}

During this little baby food making marathon I manage to make:

Blueberry Applesauce: Combine one large container of applesauce (or use homemade) with 3 cups pureed and strained blueberries. Easy Peasy. 
Carrot, Pear, Peach Puree: Steam 5-6 cups chopped carrots and  3 pears, puree together. Peel  4 peaches and add to puree. Blend until smooth. I'll be honest. This started as just carrot and pear puree, but was a little lacking in flavor so I added the peaches. 
Fresh Pea Puree: Blanch 4 cups of peas and puree, add water as needed until smooth. Boom. Done.

Sweet Potato Puree will have to wait for another day. (Roast sweet potato, puree adding water until smooth)

Even though everything is super easy, making your own baby food is time consuming, and guarantee you will use every dish in the cupboard. So pack your patience and agree ahead of time that your husband does the dishes.

So how did I like the Infantino gear?

LOVED IT! Super easy to use, clean and store. I froze the individual pouches by flavor in gallon size ziplocks, I found this easier..label the ziplock with the flavor and date, this saves you from writing on all the pouches one by one. It also keeps them all contained, and insures random pouches don't get lost behind the frozen pizzas and ice cream sandwiches....

Highly recommend it to any mama's or daddy's that are into making their own baby/toddler morsels.

And if your lost for recipe idea's check out Pinterest for some fresh concoctions.

All products mentioned were purchased independently. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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