Monday, June 2, 2014

Our weekend with Daddy

After three very long weeks without Cody home, I - We - He were all ready for a few days of Daddy time. 

Us three girls made a successful airport pickup on Friday night, watching Reagan run up to Cody was so sweet.

Saturday we got up, I made breakfast then packed a picnic lunch. 

We headed down to the river to watch some hydroplanes and play at the park.

It was a beautiful day in Tri Cities.

We picnic-ed in the shade and comfort of the trunk. As the boats whizzed past.

Then headed to the playground.

Cody's pure joy and excitement for the playground beamed from his face.

Sunday was a great day hanging around the house. Again I made breakfast, we did a little yard maintenance and basked in the sunshine. 

We feasted like Kings on spaghetti before Cody had to head back out to Spokane.

I totally underestimated how much this little girl missed her Daddy. She was his shadow all weekend, gave him lots of snuggles and insisted that he "help" her with everything. 

Cody will now be making his training trips out of Spokane for the next few months before heading back to Kansas City for his final testing. 

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