Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two Under Two'sday :: Survival tips

So after spending three weeks solo with my girls, I've learned some new things about motherhood. That's an understatement. But here are some things that got me through.

Bath time is your friend. Make it last as long as possible, better yet, two baths a day should be the norm.

Stroller walks. Fresh air does wonders, for you and the babes.

Get out of the house, whether it's grocery shopping or window shopping at Costco, get out.

Stay home. Don't be afraid to stay home. Getting out is great, but takes a lot of work. Staying home definitely has it's perks.

Nap time is essential, for all of us. Nap when they nap. For real. Forget the dishes and laundry. NAP.

Find time for yourself, pop on cartoons for half an hour and do whatever you want. For me, it was stealing some time in the garden. But do what makes you happy.

Coffee. Enough said.

Lower your standards. Seriously. Get low, get low, get low.

Cookies for breakfast. It's fine. Really. 

and lastly.
Remember that the day will end, and tomorrow is a fresh start.

**Yes I know that three weeks is a very small amount of time compared to the Mom's who do this for months and even years at a time. To those Mom's I raise my glass. You Freakin rock. Cheers to you Momma.**

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