Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two under Two'sday

Is it Tuesday already? Gah.

Guess I shouldn't complain, I only have two more weeks of two under two. Then I will have two - two and under...

Reagan's birthday party update:: 

Unlike last year I have been totally behind the ball with Reagan's second birthday. I have a theme. Beach. A color palate. Blue. But that's about it. 

I did manage to get invitations sent out, they didn't turn out nearly as cute as I wanted, but gave two shits less and threw them in envelopes & away they went.

I have started making my lists, to do, to buy, to make..here is a peak at what is rattling around in my party planning brain.

We'll see what eventually gets checked off my lists, I'm sure not all of it will. After all, the point is to celebrate the life of this little gem, and that is exactly what we will do! 

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