Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Shhhhh...the girls are finally asleep. I'm exhausted, but I'm here. So lets recap some highlights from our week in sunshiney Kennewick.

CJ has started to sit up without any help. Sometimes she will sit for a while, sometimes she topples right over.

Tried bananas, loved them! And I quickly remembered why I hate these mesh feeders. They are a B to clean.

I've since painted those gawd awful nails.  

Bathroom selfies have become a staple of our day. One of the thousands of pics I send to Cody throughout the day, just to let him know we are all still alive. Also, so in love with the hip holding stage. Makes things so much easier.

A project I've been working on: Hand painted Mexican 'Talavera' pottery inspired planters. This is an unfinished pic, I have the blue one done now, the red is almost done.

Tried sweet potatoes, loved them!

And that's the end of our boring week. 

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