Friday, June 6, 2014

Your doughnuts make me go nuts!

Do you guys remember last year on NDD?? What??! It's been a year, that's down right crazy. Well this year, I'll leave the pregnancy tests out of the doughnut pile, and just dive in face first. It's ok to break your diet for a National Doughnut Day right? I mean, it would be disrespectful to abstain. 

There are very few times when I will pack the girls up in the car to 'run to the store' for an item or two. But you better believe that we are on. our. way to get us some.

Speaking of. Have you ever witnessed a toddler eat a doughnut? It's enough to drive you crazy. Maybe it's just because I inhale any kind of sweetened fried dough, but taking 45 minutes to lick the frosting off then disregard the rest. It really makes me question, is she mine? Kidding, clearly I remember giving birth to her. And there were zero doughnuts there. 

Hope your Friday is filled with raspberry jelly and glazed with happiness.

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