Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Conversations with my toddler

Happiest of Birthdays to my sweet, patient Reagan Grace. I'm planning a long post on everything Reagan in a bit, however I'm still in the process of composing it. But right now, I wanted to take a second to share some of my favorite 'Reagan sayings' and vocab gems.

"I weed" this is stated repeatedly as she is running full boar for the garden. Reagan does a knock out job at pulling weeds and the occasional jalapeno plant leave. I so hope that Reagan likes to pull weeds this much in 10 years.

"Help" usually said in groupings of three...million. Help, Help, Help, Help...until you "help" her with whatever is on the agenda. Sometimes she actually needs help with something, most of the time Reagan just wants you to color with her.

"Puuuush the poopy out" during her three or four weeks of pooping on the potty (she is over that phase now) she liked to really bear-down and puuuuush the poopy out.

"Buh-bye poopy" after the aforementioned act was done, she would give it a flush, wave and proudly proclaim buh-bye poopy! Now, anytime a toilet is flushed, no matter it's contents, she gives it a wave and a proper send off.

"Good morning" quite possibly my favorite thing to hear in the morning.

"Wake up" Reagan has been an early riser since the sun has been coming up early. She is my alarm clock, everyday between 6:30 and 7 I hear her clammer to her feet and then start yelling "Momma....Momma wake up!" 

"Bright" as I load her in the car she lets me know she wants her sunnies (sunglasses) by saying "bright!" and soon to follow "I'm hot". Reag won't tolerate the windows down, this diva only wants air conditioning.

"Noodle" her response to my 'what do you want to eat' question. Noodle means any type of noodle, top a ramen, mac n cheese, spaghetti...if it's pasta it's Noodle.

"Gym" I've said before how much Reagan loves the child care center at the gym, now every time we get in the car, or I put shoes on, or I even look like I'm thinking about grabbing my keys, she wants to know if we will be attending the gym. Maybe I should consider her my accountability partner...?

"I'm ready/I'm coming" LOVE THIS. More than anything I just love her little girl voice that echoes down the hallway as we head to the car in the garage. 

"Again" it took me for-ev-er to realize what she was saying when she said this. Reagan pronounces it 'aggie' and for the longest time I had no clue what she was saying. 

"Waaddie" Clearly this means water. My favorite is one morning after being beckoned to WAKE UP! I entered her room only to be greeted by a frantic diaperless Reagan repeating waaddie waaddie. No hunny, that's pee.

"Dime-me" I will give you $100 if you can guess what this means. Go ahead, rack your brain, you will never guess. I have no clue why she thinks this sounds like vitamin...but that's what she calls her half a Flintstone vitamin a day. 

"Hume" another classic Reagan version of a real word. Room is what you're going for here. 

"Weee, hold on!" Toddler sponge at it's finest. I said this once when I was driving around a sharp corner, now anytime we drive around a corner Reagan declares HOLD ON! It's pretty cute.

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