Monday, July 28, 2014

My Special Princess Day!

Welp, since today is my special princess day, known to the masses as my birthday, I thought I would do a little post allll about ME! How lucky for you. Some of this you may know. Some, I hope, is new news. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.


1/ I have a soft spot in my heart for my baby brother, even if he is too cool to text me back.



2/ I rode horseback in the Oregon Trail Sesquincentennial Celebration in 1993.

3/ I should'a been a cowboy: 


An older version of 'Rony', my Aunt Tonya's horse. 1990

My first pony, circa '92, 'Lightfoot'.

'San Fran'

Riding with Nana 1992

I got 'Fancy' for my 9th birthday, I remember how badly I wanted a brown and white paint, I was so in love with this ornery lady. 

Riding with my most favorite exchange student in 2003. I was probably secretly hoping she would get thrown off. 

           4/ Driven my dream car: 2008
My 'barbie car', the first car I ever purchased. The fastest I ever got it up to was 112mph, I chickened out, but I know she would have gone faster. I washed this damn car every week. Oh to be young and have that much free time again.

           5/ Lived in my dream house: 2013
Since I can remember I have dreamed of living in my Grandparents farm house. Moving in to the house was absolutely my dreams come true. Realizing that it wasn't going to work with Cody's commute and having two young children with the threat of getting snowed in was heart breaking, I'm happy to have had the experience.  

           6/ Married my dream man: 2011
I'm sure you all know about his hunk. More about our wedding here.

           7/ Pushed forth from my loins my dream children: 2012 & 2014

8/ I was so lucky and spoiled to get to travel a lot with my Nana and Papa when I was young. They would pack me up in their motor home we would cruise the coast.

 9/ A fashionista, I am not.

 10/ I am a proud graduate of Washington State University.

 11/ I love fire.


 12/ My then boyfriend/now husband taught me how to shoot a gun. Ironically, on my birthday four years ago.


 13/ Barn board hunting is my favrito.

 14/ I hated red wine until I started working at wineries.

15/ I love to travel, but haven't had a chance to do it in years.
Florida 2010

Memphis 2010

Memphis 2010

 16/ I'm REALLY bad at having pets.
Lola Bear 2011


p.s. there were supposed to be 28 facts, being that I'm 28 years old today. But, there are definitely not that many facts worth sharing.

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