Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Years

Okay, it's seriously time I get this posted- For the record, I've had this post written for some time now. I was just waiting to get some good pictures...that day never came, so I'm biting the bullet and uploading some of my favorites from my phone. Classy.  

So on to Reagan's Two year old update:: 

Two Years

Height: 32.7 inches (14%)
Reagan really hasn't gotten taller in the last 6 months...almost an inch, but her wingspan must be expanding. She can reach up on the kitchen counter, which I found out as she was carrying a knife around. Yeahhhh.

Weight: 25lbs (43%)
I love that she still has little thigh rolls. The rest of her is pretty lean, if she every goes through a growth spurt she will be skiiinnny.

Clothes: 18-24 month. Her 2T pants/shorts are a little loose around her waist. 

Food: Reagan eats such a good variety of food, when she is feeling like it. It's a struggle to get her to decide she wants to eat at all. She just wants to play, taking time to eat is lame. I usually end up sacrificing my pristine clean floors and let her run around with her food instead of sit in a chair. Probably a bad habit, but when that's the only way she will eat I will take it. Also, my floors being clean is a joke. a big fat joke. 

Reagan has expensive tastes when it comes to the finer things in life. She loves almost all the food we eat, including stinky soft cheese. I think she has only turned down one Stilton that we had, but it was especially stinky. 

Reagan loves milk, which is so funny because she refused it for so long! She drinks lots of water throughout the day, and always seems to steal my cup when I'm drinking crystal light. We don't usually have juice in the house, but when we do (usually leftover OJ from mimosas) she thinks it's the greatest. 

We haven't given her jam/jelly since she had those two weird reactions to it last year, and she doesn't like peanut butter- unless it's in cookie form. Is childhood possible without PB&J's??

Reagan is taking after Mom and Dad in liking spicy food, I'll be eating something that I've spiced up and she asks for bites, I warn her that it's spicy and she will take a minute to think about it and then decides to go for it. It's so cute how her little eyes water but comes back for more. 

Vocab: We've reached the short sentence phase. It's so crazy to hear the things she comes up with. 

She still signs "hungry" and makes her signature hungry sound, which drives. me. crazy (the sound, not the signing). It's funny when I mention to people that the sound she makes drives me up the wall, they always comment "oh it's such a cute sound" like I'm a crazy B. But then I politely explain that if they heard said sound 5-6 times a day for lets say a year and a half it would drive them crazy too. It's like nails on a chalkboard. But I know that it will be a family joke forever, knowing that I will get to drive her crazy with it when she is a teenager is what gets me through the days. That's right Reagan - I'm coming for you girl.

Favorite activities: Playing kitchen/cooking/eating is by far what Reagan spends most of the day doing, always concocting some gourmet meal of blocks, bows and little plastic animals. Which then is up to me to gobble up, I love her little imagination and am so glad she plays independently so well. 

Reagan loves to color and play chalk.

Reading books is also something she spends a lot of time doing. Now for every nap and bedtime she requests to bring a book or two in her crib. She quietly reads until she is ready to sleep and then I hear the THUD of her tossing them through her crib rails. 

Reagan loves to go to the gym and play with the kids and toys at their child watch center. She also likes to pack her ''gym bag'' and pretend to go to the gym.

In the morning we have the best routine of me going to get her and bringing her back to my bed, where Carter is usually laying and us three girls snuggle and play for a few minutes. Maybe that's my favorite activity, but I know Reagan enjoys it too!

Least Favorite Activities: Once again we are back to hating her hair getting washed. Such a struggle.

Reagan is in a scared of bugs phase, but she is getting better at squishing her own instead of making me do it. And when I say bugs, 9 times out of 10 they are ants or pill bugs. The least harmful of all the bugs.

Signature moves: Reagan loves to climb all over me when I am sitting and feeding Carter.

Closing all the doors in the house. No door is to remain open. 

Mom's proudest moment: One afternoon Reagan was playing quietly in her room, I had checked on her and she was looking through books and loving on her baby dolls. I took a mental picture and left her to play. The girl's room is baby proofed really well, so I have very little concern with letting her play by herself in there. A little while later she come out with a pair of pants on, both of her legs in one leg hole, and a skirt over top. She proudly exclaimed "Momma look! I cute!" It was so sweet. And the impressive part is, it that her dresser has baby locks on all the drawers, so she was able to stick her little hands in the crack and pull out whatever she could reach. Funny girl.

Dad's proudest moment: Cody reports that his proudest moment was Reagan playing in the sprinkler at her party. Reagan is definitely no water child, so seeing her frolic in the sprinkler was pretty fun for us all. It took her a while to warm up to it, even requesting that Shawn join in and death gripping his finger as they skirted the outside, but little by little she got brave and before we knew it she was looking like a drowned rat.

Other Milestones: Reagan had a five star two year checkup! All her teeth are in and is in good health all around. 

This officially concludes Reagan's monthly posts, thank for playing along!

I'll have to do some thinking on how I want to continue to capture her growth in the upcoming months. Stay Tuned.

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