Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are we there yet? no.

I'm still here! Geeze I've been major slacking on posting this month. Can we pretend it's because I've been so busy, with nary a moment to rest? Okay, truth is, I spend most of the day staring at the clock counting down the seconds until Cody is done with training. But we have breached the one month count down, September 27th is the day I'm going out and never returning buying a lotto ticket!

With the dog days (who says that) of Summer coming to an end we are gearing up for FALL. My absolute most favorite season. All things pumpkin spice, football, and hoodies. I'm sure our air conditioner is looking forward to a little R&R as well.

I've been doing some little projects around the homestead, my craft room is in tip top shape (for the first time since we moved in), I've been working on refinishing our dining table and chairs - the table is done and I'm all sorts of heart eye'd emoji in love with it, the chairs are getting a round dos of refinishing as I was a little careless when taping them off to spray paint the legs and back- other odds and ends fill my days to make me feel more productive. One of them however hasn't been blogging. But never fear, the girl's monthly posts are right around the corner. 

Until we meet again.


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