Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carter's name

Me, four years old with Grandma Gray
Hi, my name is Ashley and I gave my daughter a "boys name". Actually, Carter is growing in popularity as a girls name, ranked 859th most popular in 2013. But our little gem was given this name in honor of a very special lady. My Great-grandmother's maiden name was Carter. When I was pregnant I had fallen in love with the idea of using 'Carter' regardless of baby number twos gender. I liked it for a boys name, and the more I rolled it around the more I loved it for a girls name.

Me, two weeks old with Grandma Gray
As I grew closer to my due date I started questioning whether or not I wanted to give my daughter a ''boys name''. I even remember being in the hospital having second thoughts. It wasn't until I saw her name printed on paper, Carter J Austin, that it felt right. I knew that I loved the name enough to endure the confused looks, and the correcting of her gender.

Me, four months old with Grandma Gray
Choosing someones name is heavy, like really heavy. This is the name Carter will walk through her life with, I strongly believe that your name helps shape the person you become. Deep down I know that she may have times when she is less than fond of her name, but hell I did as a youth, and I have one of the most vanilla names there is. I hope she loves it. Most of all I hope she understands and appreciates that she is named after a beautiful strong woman.

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