Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reagan say wha?

"Duck Meow"- Check the tomatoes

"That's weird"

"One two, one two" - When she wants two of something, usually treats.

"I snug mama" - when she wants to snuggle

R: I stick
A: what?
R: I stick
A: you kick?
R: I stick, ewwie!
A: ohh you STINK!
R: yeah, I stick
A: you want me to change you?
R: no way!

Recently I had a variety of bug bites:
R: owie, you ok?
A: Yes, I'm ok
  repeat every 3 minutes

 "What doin? Raxxin?"

While pulling on Carter's toes:
"Pig, Mark!"

"Daddy, CHoo Choo Daddy!"

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