Sunday, August 17, 2014


Us girls spent a weekend at our favorite farm house. And then topped it off with a Gray family reunion. 

Here is a quick and hopefully painless recap of our on-goings:

I tried my hand at being artful with this little sunflower growing in the middle of a wheat field.

Carter dance partied.

Reagan peek-a-boo'ed

Misc non-sense

Arty Party take 2

Reagan loving on her Uncle Rick and his handsome boys.

Pretty sure I have a similar picture of myself and Uncle Rick, but he was somewhere in his teen's and had a bitchin mullet. I may need to dig that up.

Reagan getting an assist after a sink bath in the park bathroom, we had yet another puke fest in the car #thejoysofmotherhood. 

Reagan dodging family at the family reunion and heading straight to the big toy.

Carter J posing 

Arty Party take 3

Sacked out for the ride home. Thankfully no pukage. 

We had such a great weekend, seeing family, soaking up some sunshine and breathing in lots of fresh air. 

Hoping next weekend brings a visit from Daddy, going on three weeks since we've seen him :( 

Cheers to Monday & big pots of hot coffee!

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