Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor day Farm Fun!

Us girls spent the day with our favorite Papa, we enjoyed some perfect weather and picked lots of fruit!!

Oh yeah, and CJ ate lots of grass.

After picking peaches, Papa made Reagy a little peach a la mode for lunch. A happy camper for sure!

We came home with 20 lbs of peaches and 20 lbs of grapes! Every time I cut up a peach for us to snack on Reagan says "Papa make peaches!" it's the sweetest thing. I was able to freeze the majority of the peaches and made a cobbler (that I may have had two helpings of) before the fruit flies took over the kitchen.

I'm making a fine batch of homemade wine with the grapes. 

Reagan loved helping de-stem them and throw them in the bucket. I think she ate more than she tossed in the bucket however.

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