Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reagan say wha? (secret garden edition)

A: do you know what time it is?
R: one three
A: no, it's bed time
R: no way, I not.

"Nap lap" - asking for a napkin for her lap

"Sissy ornery"

"GO SLEEP" - when CJ cries before a nap

"Bwaasaas" - Bless you

"Shesheet" - Horsey

"RAINBOW!!!" - Any time she spies sprinkles

Reagan has developed an awful fake laugh, it's bad and she loves it.

Reagan has learned how to countdown from 10, thanks to the show 'Chopped'.

She loves to "build a snowman" with the down comforter on our bed.

Reagan is full of energy! She loves to chat and is talking from sun up to sun down. 

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