Monday, September 8, 2014

Seven Months

Dear Carter J,

Seven months young. The days are flying by and you're getting stronger and faster by the minute! This month you started crawling and pulling yourself up on furniture/legs/anything. You are getting to be pretty mischievous, and are drawn to all things that are "no-no's". Light cords are a favorite, as well as dirty shoes and remotes/phones.

You love to squeal and scream, you and Reagan have screaming matches to see who can be the loudest or most high pitched. You of course giggle and laugh in between screams. I of course cringe and plug my ears because you two are LOUD!

Still no little teeth poking through, but over the last two weeks you have been fussier and have started a little sleep regression. I am not a fan. I keep hoping that you will have a tooth pop up but no such luck. If your anything like your sister you won't be getting any teeth for a while. 

You have done so great eating this month! You love yogurt and will gobble up basically anything we put in front of you. Meal times take longer than they should because you are so dang distracted, don't want to miss out on anything! You have started taking a bottle less throughout the day, and when I do give you one you rarely finish it. I think it's safe to say you much prefer solid food. I have started feeding you less purees, and more off our plate. Giving you tiny pieces or just grinding up a mixture in the food processor. 

I just went through your clothes and packed up anything smaller than 12 months. You are such a long baby, I can't believe how fast you have grown out of your clothes! I am so excited to get you into some footed pj's this Fall! There is nothing sweeter than a baby in soft little jam jams.

With the cooler weather this month, we've been taking more walks in the double stroller. You seem to tolerate it well enough, but I think when we get to the park you wish you could jump out and slide down the slide like Reagan. Next year my sweet girl. You and Reagan always end up holding hands, which starts out as her pinning your hand down so you can't pull her hair. But I'll take it either way.

I know I keep saying it, but one of these days I'm going to move you into your own crib instead of the mini crib in our room. One of these days.... but for now, you still nap and sleep in with us. I guess I'm waiting until you get back to your solid sleeping schedule. Waking me up at 3am is one thing, waking up Reagan would be a complete different story - one that ends with a grumpy mom and a not so happily ever after.

I'm taking bets on when you will start walking. Way too soon is obviously the answer. 

I love you peanut.



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