Sunday, September 14, 2014


Wow. What an awesome weekend we had! I guess it's more of a half week than a weekend, Cody got home early Wednesday morning and we were non stop busy. Until now of course, the house has quieted and all the visitors are gone - so I figured I would throw some pictures at you while I watch the hawks. 

We built a fire pit!!

We used it Saturday night and it was SO great!! Love it! I can see many a mallows being roasted over this beauty.

I put the garden to rest. What a disappointment this year was. With the big ass tree we have in our yard the garden bed doesn't get nearly enough sun. So - it gone. Next year I will stick to planting in pots so that I can control their sun and water exposure better. Live and learn.

We had a little birthday gathering for Cody's birthday! 29 and holding!

And just to keep our picture ratio even...

So what prey-tell will we do with the garden bed?? Feast your eyes::!! 

It will make the perfect little play area for the girls! At least the shade will keep the girls protected from the sun and heat in the Summer. I really went back and forth between buying a plastic play house and building one. But since this is our "starter home" we figured that we would save our more elaborate play house plans for our next home. For now this is a great little house for the girls. We also have a picnic table and other riff-raff to add to their area. I can totally see Christmas lights on it this Winter and cute little potted flowers this Spring. FUN!

When Cody gets home for good (2 WEEKS!) We'll make a trip to get a truck load of gravel to layer on top of the plastic weed sheeting. 

I can't wait to watch both girls play in it next Summer, but for now Reagan is having a blast in it!! I'll be sure to post pictures when it's a finished project.

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