Sunday, October 26, 2014

If ya don't know, now ya know:

Austin spawn #3 arriving May 2015

Can someone please iron my pillowcases?

A shared , shared nursery. Finally

So it took me a while, but we're there. The girls are, and have been, sharing a room! We made the transition over a month ago, so I feel like it's safe to write about it. I didn't want to jinx us in the early on stage.

I obvs wanted to wait until Carter J was sleeping through the night, an awake baby and two year old at 3a was the very very very last thing I wanted to do ever. So. I waited.

We had a good stint of sleeping through the night around 4-6m, but I selfishly didn't take the chance to move her, and before I knew it Carter was back to waking. At first I thought it was due to a growth spurt, but in hindsight I think it was because she was uncomfortable. And who's gonna blame her, she's huge and those things aren't meant for six month olds to sleep in for 10+ hours.

SO. The next time I had a window I pounced. I was incredibly nervous. I was so scared that one or the other would wake up one or the other. And CJ wakes up so early, which meant Reagan would wake up early...right?

Luckily the bedtime routine was pretty unphased, CJ goes down about 6-6:30p and Reag 7-7:30p. By the time CJ was out, I would lay Reaggy down. The first night I slept with the monitor on ie. I slept like crap, waiting for mayhem. The mayhem never came. Second night I bravely slept with the monitor off, still no occurrences.

It's been like a dream. A breeze, magical. And the girls love sharing a room, every morning I hear them in there giggling and chatting it's the best!

Luckily both the girls are (apparently) heavy sleepers, there have been times when I hear either Reagan chatting, or hear CJ cry out- I hold my breath and hope nothing comes of it, and nothing ever does.

In the mornings if CJ is up first I'm able to sneak in there and grab her before she wakes up Reagan, but most of the time they are both up together, and bonus - CJ is sleeping in (6-6:30a) longer, probably because she is more comfortable.

They don't typically nap together during the day, but on the off chance they do, it takes them a little bit longer to unwind - there is lots of mattress jumping, hollering and giggles but eventually they lay down and pass out. I just see it as more time to myself (Mommy victory!!)

I am so glad we decided to have the girls share a room, for one we have a relatively small house- this allows us to keep a bedroom open for playroom/craft room and occasional guest room. Also because they love it!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Meanwhile, back on the ranch.

Late to the game...

I just happened across this in motion photo on my google account, I thought it was too cool not to share.

Thanks google for putting this together for me!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eight Months

Sweet Sweet Carter J,

What another exciting month! You are the happiest baby ever, and I know your cheeks must be sore at the end of the day from smiling so much. You love to talk to us with your babbles and screeches, and love it even more when we talk to you and when I bust out in song. 

Still no teeth, no surprise there. 

You love to eat, and have entered the highly anticipated self feeding phase! This means I can throw some peas down on your highchair tray while I cook dinner and have 20-30 minutes of peace during the witching hour. You still eat a fair amount of purees, I put them in your squeeze pouches and you can suck them down in seconds flat, it sure beats spoon feeding you which can take waaaay tooooo lonnng! You usually eat little chunks of what we are eating for lunch and dinner (as well as a pouch of puree), you love yogurt and love to drink out of your sippy cup. 

You pull yourself up on anything and everything. We bought you a walker and you cruise around smashing into things like a bat out of hell, seriously have to watch our toes when you get in that thing. You have been brave enough to let go of things and try your sea legs out on free standing, it makes me hold my breath every time you do. 

The big news this month is that I officially switched you to your big girl crib in your shared room. I was dreading the transition, but it was surprisingly smooth with zero hiccups. Guess the joke was on me. You get up bright and early between 4:30-6:30a, and most of the time I manage to sneak in and get you before Reagan wakes up. I still have your mini crib set up in our room...just in case I suppose. But I'm sure I will be taking it down soon, since it isn't being used anymore.

Looking forward to showing you the holiday's and getting to meet your uncle Riley! 

Love you boo bear.



Carter's Stats:
Weight: 20lbs 11oz
Height: 28in

Seven  //  Six  //  Five  //   Four   //   Three   //   
Two   //  One   //   Zero

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pumpkin Patch'n, Fall Festival'n Austins

Fall is here and we are going ape over all things pumpkin spice and boots wit da fur. Even though it's still teetering in the 80's.

We checked out a local pumpkin patch, who promised boat loads of festive activities. After spending some quality time at Bills Berry Farm a while back, this place was a disappointment! Next year we will make the drive to the good place, guess we learned our lesson. BUT Reagan did seem to have a good time and got $15 worth (our admission price) out of the corn 'sand' box.

We walked out with two heirloom pumpkins but vowed to get our big orange ones at the grocery store because they are cheaper there. Isn't is supposed to be cheaper at the patch?!