Sunday, October 26, 2014

A shared , shared nursery. Finally

So it took me a while, but we're there. The girls are, and have been, sharing a room! We made the transition over a month ago, so I feel like it's safe to write about it. I didn't want to jinx us in the early on stage.

I obvs wanted to wait until Carter J was sleeping through the night, an awake baby and two year old at 3a was the very very very last thing I wanted to do ever. So. I waited.

We had a good stint of sleeping through the night around 4-6m, but I selfishly didn't take the chance to move her, and before I knew it Carter was back to waking. At first I thought it was due to a growth spurt, but in hindsight I think it was because she was uncomfortable. And who's gonna blame her, she's huge and those things aren't meant for six month olds to sleep in for 10+ hours.

SO. The next time I had a window I pounced. I was incredibly nervous. I was so scared that one or the other would wake up one or the other. And CJ wakes up so early, which meant Reagan would wake up early...right?

Luckily the bedtime routine was pretty unphased, CJ goes down about 6-6:30p and Reag 7-7:30p. By the time CJ was out, I would lay Reaggy down. The first night I slept with the monitor on ie. I slept like crap, waiting for mayhem. The mayhem never came. Second night I bravely slept with the monitor off, still no occurrences.

It's been like a dream. A breeze, magical. And the girls love sharing a room, every morning I hear them in there giggling and chatting it's the best!

Luckily both the girls are (apparently) heavy sleepers, there have been times when I hear either Reagan chatting, or hear CJ cry out- I hold my breath and hope nothing comes of it, and nothing ever does.

In the mornings if CJ is up first I'm able to sneak in there and grab her before she wakes up Reagan, but most of the time they are both up together, and bonus - CJ is sleeping in (6-6:30a) longer, probably because she is more comfortable.

They don't typically nap together during the day, but on the off chance they do, it takes them a little bit longer to unwind - there is lots of mattress jumping, hollering and giggles but eventually they lay down and pass out. I just see it as more time to myself (Mommy victory!!)

I am so glad we decided to have the girls share a room, for one we have a relatively small house- this allows us to keep a bedroom open for playroom/craft room and occasional guest room. Also because they love it!

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