Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eight Months

Sweet Sweet Carter J,

What another exciting month! You are the happiest baby ever, and I know your cheeks must be sore at the end of the day from smiling so much. You love to talk to us with your babbles and screeches, and love it even more when we talk to you and when I bust out in song. 

Still no teeth, no surprise there. 

You love to eat, and have entered the highly anticipated self feeding phase! This means I can throw some peas down on your highchair tray while I cook dinner and have 20-30 minutes of peace during the witching hour. You still eat a fair amount of purees, I put them in your squeeze pouches and you can suck them down in seconds flat, it sure beats spoon feeding you which can take waaaay tooooo lonnng! You usually eat little chunks of what we are eating for lunch and dinner (as well as a pouch of puree), you love yogurt and love to drink out of your sippy cup. 

You pull yourself up on anything and everything. We bought you a walker and you cruise around smashing into things like a bat out of hell, seriously have to watch our toes when you get in that thing. You have been brave enough to let go of things and try your sea legs out on free standing, it makes me hold my breath every time you do. 

The big news this month is that I officially switched you to your big girl crib in your shared room. I was dreading the transition, but it was surprisingly smooth with zero hiccups. Guess the joke was on me. You get up bright and early between 4:30-6:30a, and most of the time I manage to sneak in and get you before Reagan wakes up. I still have your mini crib set up in our room...just in case I suppose. But I'm sure I will be taking it down soon, since it isn't being used anymore.

Looking forward to showing you the holiday's and getting to meet your uncle Riley! 

Love you boo bear.



Carter's Stats:
Weight: 20lbs 11oz
Height: 28in

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