Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pumpkin Patch'n, Fall Festival'n Austins

Fall is here and we are going ape over all things pumpkin spice and boots wit da fur. Even though it's still teetering in the 80's.

We checked out a local pumpkin patch, who promised boat loads of festive activities. After spending some quality time at Bills Berry Farm a while back, this place was a disappointment! Next year we will make the drive to the good place, guess we learned our lesson. BUT Reagan did seem to have a good time and got $15 worth (our admission price) out of the corn 'sand' box.

We walked out with two heirloom pumpkins but vowed to get our big orange ones at the grocery store because they are cheaper there. Isn't is supposed to be cheaper at the patch?! 

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