Tuesday, November 25, 2014

12 &13

Look what the cat dragged in...more bathroom selfies, for your viewing pleasure.

Exhibit A: 12 weeks (Nov 16th)

B: 13 weeks (Nov 23rd)

How about a little FAQ's segment to keep things lively:

How am I feeling?

Feeling great, crazy good. Someone run to the forest and knock on every tree because this ish is b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Are you really waiting to find out the gender?

So far, yes. 

But, what do you feel like it is?

uhh a baby...?

What names have you talked about?

We're not telling.

Why is your belly so big?

Because it's TWINS! just kidding. Uh because my muscles think they are on permanent vaca. As soon as the hormones kick in they are all ''party in the USA, ya'll". It helps that by the time this baby will be born- I will have spent more time pregnant in the last four years than not pregnant. Tummy tuck here I come!

...I guess there isn't as many questions as I thought...

BUTTT let us chat about me some more, because I got a belly full of Thanksgiving dinner and I'm feeling sassy.

- Had a doctors appt, on the 19th(?) and all is well. Baby's heartbeat was 155. Doctor said it's highly likely that I'll have low blood platelets during labor again, which means no epidural. Womp Womp. 

- As mentioned above, we got to celebrate Turkey day early due to Cody's schedule. Which I doubt any pregnant woman has ever complained about. Also, I'm already in my stretchy pants so, I win. AND it means we get to jump start the Christmas Season.

- Speaking of, we got the girls a play kitchen for Christmas. It came in a 50 lb box of approximately 300 tiny pieces, and it took all of my self restraint not to put the girls to bed at 3pm and go to town on it. 

- I'm so embarrassed to admit, I've been sucked into the Gossip Girl scene. Who am I? In my defense, I watched the first 15 minutes of the first episode - was repulsed and turned it off. Only to return to give it a second chance a few days later. And now....well, now my life is on hold for another four seasons. 

- Preg symptom alert! Dry skin, hangnails and itchy scalp. Oh the glamorous life I live. 

- What else, what else. Maybe that's all for now diary. Till next time.


Gossip Girl....

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