Thursday, November 6, 2014

4 weeks thru ... 10 and a half weeks.

Let us play a little ketchup today! I've been secretly writing blog posts about my ever expanding body and I figured it was about damn time I shared. I know what you're thinking - gah these get so boring by the end. I'll try to keep things interesting - if you have suggestions or questions for me please send them my way, after all my number one goal in life is to entertain you all with my body and my words.

 4 Weeks. {Sep 17th} 

Welp. Here we go again!

Two of the Five tests I took
I just found out this morning that we are expecting little Austin numero tres, the internets is telling me baby will be here around the 27th of May- but we all know the due date will get bumped back about a week, after I get my first ultrasound. 

Very much in shock right now. Cody and I had discussed a third child, but were leaning towards being done,  Jokes on us.

Very much excited! It's always amazing to know you are growing a human inside you.

Ironically I laid in bed yesterday morning at 3am after feeding CJ and couldn't fall back asleep - I said to myself, ''gah I only get insomnia when I'm pregnant, weird''. Boom.

Fingers crossed for less 'morning' sickness than last time. 

Where are we going to put this baby?

Now for the prelim picture:: {So far just a food baby}

5 Weeks {Sep 24th}

I officially had my first hormonal cry, to none other than Mr. Tim Mcgraws 'Meanwhile back at Mama's'. And then I ugly cried while watching 'Saving Mr. Banks' - great movie.

I miss coffee. Like for reals. My one cup a day just isn't cutting it.

I get little flashes of headache pain.

Dizzy spells.

Why do they say heightened sense of smell? What they should say is everything smells like farts and puke. Even things I generally like.

As soon as I kick up my heels after the girls go down I get an overwhelming fatigue, the can't hold my eyes open type.

Reagan and I made a batch of cookies, a sure fire way to keep yourself from devouring the whole batch in one sitting is to substitute four of the primary ingredients.

This pregnancy is off the chain different - I know, I know it's still so early - but *knock on wood* I'm not getting any of the nasty early symptoms like I did with the girls. Could it be a boy? Could my body just be all "been there, done that, bought the T-shirt"? And it's always weird until I see the first ultrasound - I totally feel like I'm making it up, it's all in my head - alas, the five positive tests speak the truth.

Uhh when/how are we going to tell our family??

              Nice and blurry. just keepin it real  

7 Weeks {Oct 12th}

Had the first ultrasound this past week, baby was of course smaller than calculated; due May 31st.

Dr Smith was thrilled to have me back as a "repeat customer''.

The girls are testing my patience at every moment, giving my hormones a run for their money.

The new bed time for me is 7:30p, which pails in comparison to my standard bed time of 8:30p, I like to party.

Still no nausea, thanking my lucky stars.

                                      8 Weeks {Oct 19th}                                      

Going through my bagel and cream cheese phase, seems to always happen about this time.

I had been wearing my button up jeans as much as possible, simply because I could. I can no longer...although I have a feeling it has more to do with Halloween candy and less with the baby..?

We got a new oven/stove, which makes me feel more like an adult than anything else.

But then I poked holes in the top of the box and pushed christmas lights through and it was back to un-adulthood.

10 Weeks {Nov2nd}

Everything smells like puke, or pee.

Hungry a lot.

Tired even more.

Having a touch of morning nausea, but nothing major.

Went on a maternity clothes shopping spree, I feel like a new woman!

Cody said I can get anything I want/need for this pregnancy (hence the shopping spree). Just want it on record.

In case you all thought I would actually put in some effort to these update pics. Ha jokes on you. Society says I get to do less so we're just jumping right into blurry bathroom selfies.

Also, Halloween is over so Christmas lights are up, don't worry just inside the house.

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  1. I freakin' love this! Every time you post something new I want to pack up our house and move in next door to you. (I can do that, cause, ya know...we live in a mobile home) Keep the blurry bathroom belly pics coming, my dear! :) XOXO