Saturday, November 29, 2014

O' Christmas Tree

As is our day after Thanksgiving tradition, us Austins picked up and purrdy'd up our Christmas tree yesterday! The girls are both enamored with it! It's so special to see the magic of Christmas through their eyes, it makes it all very worth it! 

Cody will be putting up our main outside lights on the house tomorrow (his day off), but for now we have a few lit garlands and a pair of wreaths. And some random solar lights that are slowly dying out. 

No scrooges here!

I have always wanted my house to look like the magazines during Christmas time, but it turns out that's really expensive, and my eye for decorating is for now we have sporadic items placed awkwardly around and out of the reach of sticky little baby hands.

Hence forth...centerpiece?

Greenery on bar area?

Great-Grandma's deer tray. I like to call this one "deer on shelf".

Reagan's advent calendar. I made a matching one for CJ, who obvs won't be using it this year. In true Ashley form, there are mistakes on both, good enough for who it's for though, right?

And lastly, we come upon the girls' mini tree in their room. I bought this tree when I lived in an apartment in Scottsdale, it was my first Christmas away from home. It's been with me many years now and I love being able to use it still. Does anyone else have an emotional attachment to a fake tree? Just me? Ok then.

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