Monday, December 8, 2014

15 weeks, mostly ramblings about nothing.

Well, well.

Classic hand on hip pose

I'm 15 weeks, as of today (I wrote this yesterday, but waited till today to post so that I can include some seductively good bump pics). Which really means nothing, funny how things change after a few pregnancies go by. No idea what fruit my baby is being compared to, and giving no cares as to what the top ten trending baby names are. These are the things I read about during my first preg and occasionally during the second. Not now though, now I'm confident my body knows just what to do and whether I know it or not it's doing it. Wake me up when I'm in labor.

Major back pain this last week and a half ish. I'm attributing it to sciatic nerve pain, so says google. So after dealing with blinding pain Cody took me for a walk yesterday. I hobbled and winced my way through it and low and behold today, no pain. ..guess I need to exercise more. Yuck.

I've been wearing my fitbit again, which I find is a good reminder to me to get myself moving. And I'm happy to report that I hit my goal steps all of one day this week (the day Cody took me for a walk)! In my defense I didn't have it charged and ready to go until half way through the day on Monday.

Movement! We have movement ladies and probably one gentleman. I thought I had been feeling little flutters the last few days, but this morning I definitely felt movement, two very definite knocks. It's a crazy reminder that I am growing life inside me.

I've officially made it out of the morning sickness zone with very minimal sickness at all. Thank my lucky stars! My gag reflex is in full force however, and dry heaving has quickly become my daily ab workout. Anything that has to do with detached hair from my head will send me into quick convulsions. It usually begins with hair being in the girls's mouth, occasionally Reag will get one of my hairs in her mouth while eating and makes me pull it out, and CJ is the dust bunny/hairball eating champion so I'm constantly pulling strands out of her mouth. Gross, gross double gross.

I call this one the : let me hide my double chin with my abundance of hair

So far no heartburn KNOCK ON WOOD. hb has been a real struggle with both of my previous pregs and I anticipate it to be the same this go around, luckily I haven't had it, well except for once when I took my prenatal pill right after eating a strawberry popscicle, but I think that was my bad. I have also been killing it in avoiding the 3am hunger call, Cody had ordered a box of advocare protein bars that I nibble on before bed and find they keep me full all night and even allow me to not be in a mad dash for the fridge in the morning.

We've picked names!!! Not that I'm sharing them, but I will say that I'm in love with them! You all will never guess them so don't even try. I will say that it's getting harder to not find out the gender, I will have my ultrasound in a few weeks and when the tech asks if we want to know it will take some major will power to say no. Esp since we decided on names, in a way I feel like it helps you bond with the little person you're growing. 

Oh, so we decided on what we are doing per vehicle and sleeping situations. 

Even before I got pregnant Cody and I had been tossing around the idea of getting a bigger car for me to haul my loads in. My car is fine for the four of us, but there is no room for a guest passenger, which isn't major but it is inconvenient. Well lately we had been talking more and more about it, seeing as we will have to fit three car seats in a row in my car. There isn't a whole lot of options when it comes to three across seats, but I did find one brand in particular that boasts this feature. The issue was, what's easier: finagling a child into a middle car seat, OR into a three row SUV? We decided, that since my car will be paid off soon that we will hold off on getting a bigger one. At least until Reagan is big enough to ride in a booster seat and buckle herself in. I know I say all this now, we'll see what song I'm singing when I'm buckling three kicking screaming kids into a single row. Ohhh serenity now.

Here we are, with the casual high school lean on the locker like a cool pregnant chick pose

Ok for the room/sleeping arrangement.  The girls share a room, as you all know. And I have a dedicated craft/play room. Well, what our plans are is to switch them, put the kids where the crafts are and crafts where the kids are, because that is the larger of the rooms. And then when the baby is sleeping through the night, probably somewhere around 6-8 months make the grande a venti and have all three kids as snug as a bug in a rug. Love grows best in small places right? I know what your thinking...Ashley don't be selfish, give up your craft room. And to that I say NO. My craft room is a small piece of heaven that I get to retreat to every so often to be alone with my thoughts and my creativity. Being a stay at home mom has so many blessings, alone time isn't one of them. I'm one of those people who gets cranky if I don't get my creative energy out, that's part of the reason I started this blog in in the first place. Now of course if push comes to shove I will make up a little corner in the garage for my craft table and supplies, but for now that's the plan.

I'll chat more about the face lift to the craft room turn kids room as we get closer. 

And to wrap it up, we have the housewife staple uniform. The messy high bun and over sized sweatshirt that's torn to hell.

A sickness has been spreading slowly around the house. Cody got it bad, and we managed to keep the girls healthy for a while, I actually thought we were out of the woods when Reagan got a hold of it. So far CJ seems to be in the clear, as well as myself, so hopefully we can kick it before it gets us all. But with Reagy sick it means no sleep for Mama, lots of boogy wipes, and forcing medicine down her throat. 

So today (yesterday) is our Friday, I'm hoping we don't spend our weekend cooped up with colds. I've been super antsy to get out lately, it must be that second trimester energy surge I hear so much about. Oh and the Nesting hormones are in full swing. Why am I laying awake at night thinking about new exterior lighting, why?? WHY? Make it stop! 

Ok I feel like I've rambled long enough, TTFN!

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  1. You are seriously adorable! I am so inspired by you lately to get back in to blogging. I just need to find/make the time. Love you, you cutie patootie!