Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Big Girl Bed!!

This excited little nugget got a big girl bed last week, or was it the week before..? Anyway, Reagan now has her very own toddler bed! She has done great with the transition! Way better than I anticipated.

Kissing her crib goodbye!

The crib is now safely stored in the garage for baby numero tres.


  1. OMG she looks so grown up all of a sudden!!! Why can't they just stay little forever?????

  2. Is that the crib converted? Or a new bed? It matches perfectly!! Go, Reag, Go!

    1. It's an actual toddler bed that we got as a hand me down a while back. It's been patiently waiting in the garage. It does match! I think I will take it out this Spring and give it a new coat of paint.