Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Merry Little Christmas

I hope you all had a great Christmas filled with good conversation and great food! Because isn't that what holidays are all about?!

We got to celebrate at home this year, after traveling back and forth and back last year I jumped for joy when Cody proclaimed that we would be letting the troops come to us!

We started Christmas early with an Austin family Christmas on Tuesday. We were all so spoiled with love and gifts.

CJ's first Christmas

Christmas Eve was filled with new toys, leftovers and anticipation!

Christmas Morning came, along with the arrival of Nana and Shawn. Santa made an appearance and brought the girls their very own play kitchen!!

After playing for a bit, we decided to take advantage of our beautiful Christmas weather and took a walk down by the river. 

When we got home, we all seemed to be famished- so we snacked. & snacked. & snacked. And when the time came around to start dinner, no one was hungry! So we bailed on Christmas dinner and vowed to do it the next day. 

Merry Pregnant Christmas from us AUSTINS!!

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