Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Suburban Mom has minor heart attack"

Alternatively titled: Reagan can now open the front door.

Saturday our little family decided to pack up and go for a walk by the river, something we do from time to time, it's a much nicer experience than the circle route we take from the house. So as Cody and I were hustling around getting ready, getting the girls ready, I headed out the front door to the car. I wanted to get it started and get the stroller in the back. I of course had to open the garage to get the stroller out - I threw it in the car and headed through the garage to the house. I hollered out "girls what are you up to?" No response, but I heard CJ crawling around - I headed straight for the bathroom to ensure I had an empty bladder for our walk, when I came out and walked into the living room, I saw the front door WIDE OPEN. Cue panic. CJ was sitting just inside the door ready to make her break, but Reagan had already wandered out. I shut CJ back in and rounded the corner to the driveway in a sprint, there she was standing there in her own panic. She had the most horrified look on her face, but before it registered to me that she was just as scared, I spouted out my motherly "Reagan Grace, you DO NOT come outside without Mommy and Daddy" before I could finish my scolding she was in tears.

Once we got inside I sat down with her and talked to her about how that was so dangerous. And that she was not to open the front door by herself. I'm just so happy that she is safe, people drive like maniacs on our street!

I thought about our little experience all day, It still scares me.

And to finish, here are some unrelated scenes from around the house lately:

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  1. Reagan's hair is so full and beautiful, and I love CJ's big open smile. You have such precious girls!