Friday, January 23, 2015

2 Days shy of 22 Weeks

Well hello! It's been a little bit since I've graced the internets with my expanding waistline. Worry not, for it has grown and I am here with the proof! 

Since we spoke last, I have seen the doctor - funny story, remember when I bragged about not having gained as much weight? Joke was on me, I managed to clock in a massive 10 lbs heavier than I had a mere 5 weeks prior. Santa may have been a little too generous to me this year. I was actually shocked, I definitely don't feel like I've gained that much (around 20lbs total I think...) and can still wear all of my yoga/workout pants that I wore pre pregnancy, so I know it's not in my hips and butt...where is this alleged weight going?? 

Well little baby Link is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, and for half a second I thought my doctor was going to move my due date, but no such luck... he just re-iterated that I have big babies and if Lincoln comes on his own early than yippie for me. BUT we will have another ultrasound at 37 weeks just to make sure Link isn't rounding the 13pound mark. A 13 pound baby?? YIKES. We will also be doing a blood draw next visit to check my blood platelets, basically there is nothing we can do if they are low, but I'll be able to prepare myself mentally for a natural birth. DOUBLE YIKES! Oh and the glucose test is next visit as well. I was actually getting a little worried about my sugar levels because I was getting so many headaches, but doc says the two don't usually correspond and the headaches have actually subsided for the most part. 

I'm feeling really good (most of the time). I can without a doubt say this has been my most emotional pregnancy. I find myself getting really overwhelmed with the thought of a third, everyday when I take my first deep breath after laying the girls down to bed, I say to myself "now imagine having a newborn" a newborn that most likely will have another feeding for the night, more diapers to be changed and throughout the night feedings. Wow, I'm going to be one tired lady.

My nesting has been in OVERDRIVE! Home improvement projects cover my to-do lists with little sprinkles of nursery/shared room ideas. I still feel like putting all three kids together is the best situation (although that changes almost daily (see previous note on emotion)). But I want to make the room boy and girl friendly so I have a few art projects I want to get done. 

Let's talk about shopping for boy clothes. I took a too small load into our local children's consignment store the other day, and received some store credit. I browsed the little boy section completely lost, total deer in the headlights feeling for me. I have no clue what I'm doing there and worst of all I don't like 90% of the stuff. I feel like everything looks too much like "baby clothes". Apparently I expect him to pop out in levi's and a flannel because the little monkeys and elephants are not my thing. Luckily he will be born at the perfect time of year for weather (OMG Margaritas!) and he will probably just rock a diaper most of the time.

Little Link is a mover and a shaker! I feel him constantly moving in there, and as of last Sunday I can feel him kicking from the outside of my tummy. Always such a surreal feeling.

I'm relieved surprised that I haven't gotten many "when are you due?"'s from strangers yet, but I guess they are probably too busy looking at the two offspring I already have and trying to do the math. I always dread that question because when I tell them I still have many months of cooking left to do they are sure to exclaim "WOW you're huge!". I plan to say "well when you have three kids within three years your body basically looks like this all the time". 

Until next time.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 is the year of Business!

I've been talking a long time now about starting some sort of Etsy shop, I even gave it a half assed attempt a few years ago. 

I go a little stir crazy here at home with the children - most days I feel like I just need a little more mental stimulation than what two year old conversation holds. 

So I took the plunge, marched right into the fabric store, then after nearly fainting over my total at the register I marched right back home and started sewing. 

My Etsy shop is open for business! I plan to sell blankets, quilts and other bedding items mainly geared towards the children of the world, because that's where my mindset naturally gravitates to.

Momtrepreneur I am not, nor do I really want to be. I just want something nice to fill my day, and to lay my head down feeling accomplished at night, isn't that everyone's goal? 

Anyway, I conveniently added a link to the side of the page that will sweep you right on over to my shop anytime day or night! 

I look forward to creating some beautiful things, as well as keeping my sanity as a stay at home mom.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blurry Catch up

It's so cloudy and miserable here. Us girls are lounging in our pj's and making the best of this crappy winter weather, with tickle fights and off pitch singing. 

The girls and I were hanging out in their room when I figured I should grab my camera and capture the cuteness. Most of the pictures came out blurry, due to their ever moving little toddler bodies, but they still manage to bring tears to my eyes.  

 Now for the catch up part of the post that I promised you:
CJ is an official walker! A few days after she turned 11months she was full blown walking.
Reagan is riding the potty train CHOO CHOO! Two days down, on the third today. We gave up diapers cold turkey, pull ups at night and things seem to be going as expected. Fewer accidents each day.
I forgot to mention two things in CJ's last monthly post, first she signs 'all done' after finishing meals. & Second her first official words are "Thank you". I can't believe she is going to be one in two weeks. 
You may have noticed Cj's top two teeth peaking through, girlfran is going to have some big ole teeth! Hopefully she gets her dad's straight teeth. If they get mine we will be putting our orthodontia coverage to good use!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby Number Three


Lincoln Gray Austin

Little Link is happy as a clam in there, he is exactly one pound, and possibly interested in a gymnastics career. Cart-wheeler extraordinaire.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

19 Weeks

I'm totally counting this as my half way mark, seeing as I can be induced at 39 weeks and if I'm still with child at that point, you KNOW this whale of a mom will be waddling into L&D.


Feeling the babe move A LOT. 

I can't imagine having a boy, I watch the girls play together on the floor - giggling and sharing toys/crackers/germs and think ''man I can't imagine throwing a boy into the mix''. With that said, I totally unconsciously refer to the baby as a boy. So we'll see. Oh yes, in case I forgot to mention, we will definitely be finding out the gender - I thought it would be a breeze to wait and not find out early. WRONG. I need to know. 

Hungry all day err day. And just as thirsty, for ice cold water and the occasional Snapple diet peach iced tea. I'm constantly craving turkey sandwiches, the good kind-on rough sourdough, double mayo, double lettuce, red onion, sprouts, and swiss. YUM.

Where was I?? Oh yes, gender. We find out Friday. So Excited. I do feel like it's a boy. Crazy how I KNEW Reagan was a girl, paint the nursery, buy all the girl clothes, I just knew. With CJ I was a little less confident but I walked into the ultrasound thinking girl. This little nugget I feel like it's a crapshoot- but something keeps nudging blue in the back of my mind. Maybe because things have been SO different this time around? No sickness, no acne, more headaches, way more emotional...and really I haven't gained as much weight thus far as with the girls (contrary to what my chins have to say). 

This one here is me practicing for when my water breaks, there is something about taking pictures in the mirror that makes me forget how to be an adult...

Annnd look who figured out the self timer. Boom!

Enough with the selfie-hott-mess-express. I feel great! Plus I scored some new maternity duds off the clearance rack at Target, so my life is pretty awesome right now.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ten Months...but really 11 Months

Dear Carter J,

I was feeling really bad about missing your ten month update, then I took pictures today to do one and this happened. And I remembered instantly why I kept putting it off.

But here we are, right where we left off. You have had another great month! You are now an almost walker - take anywhere between 3-12 steps before you plop on your butt.

 You no longer take a bottle, you were getting to the point where you would only drink an ounce or two and then were over it. So I nixed them all together. You are a sippy cup girl all the way.

You still nap 2-3 times a day, usually 3, sometimes we will squeak by with just two but that means an earlier bed time.

You sure love your big sissy, follow her around everywhere and love when she pays attention to you!

You love bath time, in fact you will try and climb in the bath tub at any given opportunity. You kick and splash, it's definitely one of your happy places!

Speaking of climbing, you are a climber! Into drawers, onto sissy's bed, onto that little chair and you even try to get up on the couch and recliner. It's cute until you fall.

Look at all that beautiful red hair! Your eyes change from day to day, sometimes full on grey - sometimes more of a blue and then green/hazel. You sure are a pretty thing!

No official teeth yet, but your top two and bottom two have started poking out. They are taking their sweet time, all the while driving us crazy making you fussy and unhappy!

I can't believe you're going to be ONE! I know that's such a mom thing to say, but it's true. This year has flown by so quick! Being a mom of two has been a lot less hectic than I had pictured, but I think that's mostly because you girls are so awesome. 

I can't begin to tell you how much we love you Miss Carter. You keep us on our toes, and definitely keep us in line.



Nine   //   Eight   //  Seven  //  Six  //  Five  //   Four   //   Three   //   
Two   //  One   //   Zero

An update for Reagan

It's time I got some new info down for Reagan, I've really enjoyed being able to slack off since I quit her monthly updates when she turned two. Now that she is two&1/2 I figured I needed to share a little about her.

Now, future Reagan: before you complain that sissy is in all your pictures and ask why I couldn't take some of you alone. Know that I tried. On this particular day you were acting extra two-year-old-y and refused pics solo, but as soon as I started snapping pics of CJ you decided you wanted to be all up in that business.

Stats: Reagan is growing like a weed! She has definitely hit the long awaited growth spurt, she is 28lbs and 35 inches. Reagan has filled out her 2T clothes quickly, I wish there was a size in between 2-3T. Her sweet little thigh rolls are mostly/almost gone. I loved those little thigh rolls!

Clothes: I'm still an awful mother and let Reagan hang in PJs most of the day, everyday. And it's funny, if we get dressed and go somewhere she wants to get back in pjs when we get home- I guess it's the equivalent to peeling off jeans to lounge in yoga pants, so I don't fight it. I've had great luck at finding clothes at the local children's second hand store, so trading in too small for just right has been easy on the wallet. Of course we have our matching outfits with sissy, Reagan gets excited when she and Carter have matching shirts/jammies on.

Food: Well I can say you like most everything, it's getting you to eat it that's the struggle. For whatever reasons we have a hard time getting you to eat at meal time. Too many snacks is my opinion - so I've been trying to cut back on snacks in between meals. Some of your favorites are: noodles and soup juice (top-a-ramen), cheese sticks, bread, hamburgers, spaghetti, and pancakes with sprinkles.

Words: Reagan is a chatter, that's an understatement. A chatty chatty chatty chatter...That's closer to the truth. But she does say some funny shit! Reagan soaks everything in and then finds the most precise moments to spout it out at you. She has me laughing at least once a day. I hope I never forget the way she says 'delicious', with both eyes closed tight and while licking her lips. She calls Carter her best friend and it melts my heart! She calls Cody by his first name half of the time, it cracks me up! It's just so funny to hear her little voice say "Cody, what you doin in here?". Some of her latest is saying "I have an idea" before doing something, or "maybe" as problem solving. Like if she asks to go for a walk and I say it's too cold, she will say "maybe a hat, gloves, coat?" "few minutes" and "couple hours" is said a lot during the day. She recently started saying "serious?" complete with an eye roll, and "what are you talking about?" with all the sass that comes with it. Reagan is a pro at singing patty cake, itsy bitsy spider and loves to sing ABC's.

Activities: Her imagination is through the roof, she is always playing with imaginary animals (usually cats), or making us lunch (often porcupine). She loves watching moomies (movies) and they always require popcorn. Reagan is still a lover of "Let it go", and sings it at the top of her lungs with a full dance ensemble. She loves to play with Carter, and is such a good big sister! We've been walking down by the river a lot lately and Reagan loves to see the geese, she gets out the the stroller and runs and runs until her little legs get tired, then she hitches a ride on the stroller back to the car. Reagan has been painting with watercolors a lot lately, she is a pro at mixing the palate so all the colors are equally poopy brown in color. But she has had some masterpieces come out of the mess. She of course likes to draw and color too.

Mom's greatest moment: I'm so proud of the little girl she is, so well behaved, whenever we take her out to the store or restaurant so uses her manners and is so patient and polite. It's always such a joy to take her out in public! She is such a social butterfly. I had to take her to one of my doctors appointments and she was waving and chatting up all the nurses, and when it was time to leave she decided she would rather stay and help out.

Potty training is on the forefront, something I want to tackle soon. We also have a family vacation scheduled for February, so I know she will be excited for that when we get closer.