Sunday, January 4, 2015

19 Weeks

I'm totally counting this as my half way mark, seeing as I can be induced at 39 weeks and if I'm still with child at that point, you KNOW this whale of a mom will be waddling into L&D.


Feeling the babe move A LOT. 

I can't imagine having a boy, I watch the girls play together on the floor - giggling and sharing toys/crackers/germs and think ''man I can't imagine throwing a boy into the mix''. With that said, I totally unconsciously refer to the baby as a boy. So we'll see. Oh yes, in case I forgot to mention, we will definitely be finding out the gender - I thought it would be a breeze to wait and not find out early. WRONG. I need to know. 

Hungry all day err day. And just as thirsty, for ice cold water and the occasional Snapple diet peach iced tea. I'm constantly craving turkey sandwiches, the good kind-on rough sourdough, double mayo, double lettuce, red onion, sprouts, and swiss. YUM.

Where was I?? Oh yes, gender. We find out Friday. So Excited. I do feel like it's a boy. Crazy how I KNEW Reagan was a girl, paint the nursery, buy all the girl clothes, I just knew. With CJ I was a little less confident but I walked into the ultrasound thinking girl. This little nugget I feel like it's a crapshoot- but something keeps nudging blue in the back of my mind. Maybe because things have been SO different this time around? No sickness, no acne, more headaches, way more emotional...and really I haven't gained as much weight thus far as with the girls (contrary to what my chins have to say). 

This one here is me practicing for when my water breaks, there is something about taking pictures in the mirror that makes me forget how to be an adult...

Annnd look who figured out the self timer. Boom!

Enough with the selfie-hott-mess-express. I feel great! Plus I scored some new maternity duds off the clearance rack at Target, so my life is pretty awesome right now.

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