Friday, January 23, 2015

2 Days shy of 22 Weeks

Well hello! It's been a little bit since I've graced the internets with my expanding waistline. Worry not, for it has grown and I am here with the proof! 

Since we spoke last, I have seen the doctor - funny story, remember when I bragged about not having gained as much weight? Joke was on me, I managed to clock in a massive 10 lbs heavier than I had a mere 5 weeks prior. Santa may have been a little too generous to me this year. I was actually shocked, I definitely don't feel like I've gained that much (around 20lbs total I think...) and can still wear all of my yoga/workout pants that I wore pre pregnancy, so I know it's not in my hips and butt...where is this alleged weight going?? 

Well little baby Link is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, and for half a second I thought my doctor was going to move my due date, but no such luck... he just re-iterated that I have big babies and if Lincoln comes on his own early than yippie for me. BUT we will have another ultrasound at 37 weeks just to make sure Link isn't rounding the 13pound mark. A 13 pound baby?? YIKES. We will also be doing a blood draw next visit to check my blood platelets, basically there is nothing we can do if they are low, but I'll be able to prepare myself mentally for a natural birth. DOUBLE YIKES! Oh and the glucose test is next visit as well. I was actually getting a little worried about my sugar levels because I was getting so many headaches, but doc says the two don't usually correspond and the headaches have actually subsided for the most part. 

I'm feeling really good (most of the time). I can without a doubt say this has been my most emotional pregnancy. I find myself getting really overwhelmed with the thought of a third, everyday when I take my first deep breath after laying the girls down to bed, I say to myself "now imagine having a newborn" a newborn that most likely will have another feeding for the night, more diapers to be changed and throughout the night feedings. Wow, I'm going to be one tired lady.

My nesting has been in OVERDRIVE! Home improvement projects cover my to-do lists with little sprinkles of nursery/shared room ideas. I still feel like putting all three kids together is the best situation (although that changes almost daily (see previous note on emotion)). But I want to make the room boy and girl friendly so I have a few art projects I want to get done. 

Let's talk about shopping for boy clothes. I took a too small load into our local children's consignment store the other day, and received some store credit. I browsed the little boy section completely lost, total deer in the headlights feeling for me. I have no clue what I'm doing there and worst of all I don't like 90% of the stuff. I feel like everything looks too much like "baby clothes". Apparently I expect him to pop out in levi's and a flannel because the little monkeys and elephants are not my thing. Luckily he will be born at the perfect time of year for weather (OMG Margaritas!) and he will probably just rock a diaper most of the time.

Little Link is a mover and a shaker! I feel him constantly moving in there, and as of last Sunday I can feel him kicking from the outside of my tummy. Always such a surreal feeling.

I'm relieved surprised that I haven't gotten many "when are you due?"'s from strangers yet, but I guess they are probably too busy looking at the two offspring I already have and trying to do the math. I always dread that question because when I tell them I still have many months of cooking left to do they are sure to exclaim "WOW you're huge!". I plan to say "well when you have three kids within three years your body basically looks like this all the time". 

Until next time.

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