Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blurry Catch up

It's so cloudy and miserable here. Us girls are lounging in our pj's and making the best of this crappy winter weather, with tickle fights and off pitch singing. 

The girls and I were hanging out in their room when I figured I should grab my camera and capture the cuteness. Most of the pictures came out blurry, due to their ever moving little toddler bodies, but they still manage to bring tears to my eyes.  

 Now for the catch up part of the post that I promised you:
CJ is an official walker! A few days after she turned 11months she was full blown walking.
Reagan is riding the potty train CHOO CHOO! Two days down, on the third today. We gave up diapers cold turkey, pull ups at night and things seem to be going as expected. Fewer accidents each day.
I forgot to mention two things in CJ's last monthly post, first she signs 'all done' after finishing meals. & Second her first official words are "Thank you". I can't believe she is going to be one in two weeks. 
You may have noticed Cj's top two teeth peaking through, girlfran is going to have some big ole teeth! Hopefully she gets her dad's straight teeth. If they get mine we will be putting our orthodontia coverage to good use!

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