Friday, February 27, 2015

Vacaa Pt. 2: Paradise

When we reserved the cabin (in late Fall), we had high hopes of being surrounded by feet and feet of snow, bundled inside with a roaring fire, but Winter progressed and snow didn't fall. So we had to take a day and make a drive further up the mountain, if snow didn't come to us - we were determined to go to the snow. It was a beautiful 45 minute drive to a good spot to stop and play. 

Reagan had a BLAST! We had to bribe her with pie to get her back down the mountain. 

CJ was less than thrilled. It was too hard for her to walk in it, and too cold for her to sit in it, so princess was held the whole time. And princess is less than dainty.

It was such a beautiful day! A little chilly, but once we got to running around it was perfect!

This is definitely a picture overload, I just couldn't help myself. 

My phone decided to sabotage this pic. Sad!

What a fun day! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vacaa Pt 1: Mt Rainer Cabin

Our first family vacation! 

A few months back Cody and I decided to use, actually use, his vacation days for a real life family vacation. This is the first time that he has had vacation time from work, and it's the first time we've been able to afford a little get-a-way for our family. 

We talked about either a long weekend on the coast, or a snowy cabin retreat. I knew Reagan would love the snow, so we opted for the cabin. And although we didn't get the snow we expected, we did have a fabulous time, and even made a trek to the snow (will share tomorrow!).