Friday, February 13, 2015

25 Weeks minus 1 Day

Yesterday my girl Erica called me out on my lack of bump-dates, so here I am, totally guilty of slacking- and really for no reason other than laziness. Pure laziness.

Here are some highlights, and low lights of the last few weeks:

Party chip frosting: it's discontinued. Have I been living under a rock for the last two years?? I had no clue until I went to make CJ's smash cake. It ruined my life for a solid 4 days.

Quest bars: A new discovery for this hungry hungry preggo. I've seen glimpses of them here and there from some of my favorite fit mamas on social media, I finally gave them a taste test and fell in love. Some of the best tasting protein bars I've had, they keep me full in between meals and I feel much better about eating them than some of my previous go-to snacks... like Costco dogs.

Lincoln's quilt: IT'S DONE! & I'm in love with it! (I was going to post a picture of it, but I forgot. The anticipation will make it even prettier when you see it)

Belly button: So ugly, I like to make Cody look at it, he makes those cute little fake gagging sounds. Good times.

Nesting projects:So much home improvement so little time. We painted the master bedroom (FINALLY) & mounted our tv on the wall, and thanks to Shawn it has no cords hanging down! Cody installed new ceiling fans in the living room, master bed and the 'soon to be' girls room. And probably the most exciting is we have our new carpet being installed in two weeks!! YIPPEE! No more ugly green carpet! Plus that means we can finally start the baseboard/trim transition from oak to white. Oh and IKEA, need I say more?! Ok, I will. Cody and I have a hot date with the budget friendly furniture store while we are visiting the west side, dressers for the chitlins are on my list as well as maayyybe new nightstands for us adults.. and whatever I see that I just HAVE TO HAVE!

Spring like weather: Definitely a highlight! We have been outside playing and doing chores, it's been great! I have the major Spring itch, as do my bulbs that have already started peaking through the dirt. It's so nice to be able to open the windows for fresh air during the day and LOVING the fact that it's light out when we get up at 6:30a, makes me feel a little more human.

Room situation/decision/in-decision: I've gone back and forth and back again about where I want all the kids. I've driven both myself and Cody crazy talking about it, but I think I've officially settled on giving Link his own room and nixing my craft space. The girls in the larger of the rooms and Lincoln in the smaller one. I read a lot of good blogs about successfully having three to a room, but after thinking about what would work best for us I decided that the sleep schedules would be too hectic. So I'll have to do a lot of organizing and create an easy way for me to access the things I want and need in the garage.

Glucose testing/platelet count: My next doctors appt is Tuesday, I will also have my testing done to make sure my body hasn't forgotten what to do with sugar and check in with my blood platelets. We'll see how that all goes, I'm not as nervous about the glucose test as I was a few weeks ago. I've been feeling good, even after eating carbs on carbs or bowls full of sugar. As far as my blood platelets- this really only relates to whether or not I can get an epidural during labor. And honestly, having had CJ naturally I'm definitely not too worried about it. I know it sucks, sucks bad, but I also know how amazing that instant relief is as soon as the baby pops out.

Amazon Stockpile: I've been slowly 'adding to cart' for the past few months, all the new and neat gotta have it baby items. How did people ever have babies without all this stuff? Top of my list is this. And this. If I knew three years ago what I know today I would have gotten that from the start. Oh and car seats, and another crib mattress, yadda yadda yadda, the list doesn't seem to get any smaller the more children you have. Yikes.

Not really much of a bump-date, more of a life-date. I'm hoping to get some updates on the girls up soon, they just had doctors checkups so I'll fill you in on that later.


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