Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happiest Of Birthdays to My Carter J!!


What? How? When?? and WHYYYYYY?

I can't believe how perfect you are, sweet and naughty, loud and sneaky, always in to trouble. 

Your newest trick is singing and dancing, it's only natural for your first "song" to be 'Let it go'. No joke. You've heard Reagan sing it enough times to start mimicking her, and you're so animated when you do. It's the best. 

Wild wouldn't even begin to describe you, wild and tough. You crash and bang around the house and rarely cry due to bonks, so when you do I know it was a good one. You've already had your first black eye, from falling out of the little ikea chair. You rough house with Reagan and you are quite the hair puller.

You love to give hugs and cuddles, as long as it's on your own terms. And you love to give your lovies hugs and kisses.

You are a great eater, in fact, you prefer to eat anytime you are awake. Some of your favorite go-to's are milk, string cheese, raisins, tortillas, yogurt, applesauce...the only thing I've found that you aren't too keen on is bananas - although you like banana bread soooo. Oh and I would say your favorite food is shrimp. 

Your Sister is your best friend, in fact Reagan regularly calls you "my sweetheart". You two play together all day long, and most of the time you play well. You have no problem letting us know when you want something, and usually Reagan gets the brunt of your wants, as in, any toy she has - you want and you scream until you get it. I think it's your way of making sure you're not the forgotten middle child.  

You think it's so great to make animal noises, for the most part you imitate the noises we make - but know on your own what a pig, owl and monkey sound like. The pig is my favorite, your oink has taken on more of a monster in distress sound.

I'm not sure what your official stats are, you have your check up next week. But I'd say you're at/over the 30 lb mark, all I know is my arm gets a little shaky after holding you while making breakfast/lunch/dinner (to keep you from screaming at me of course).

I'm so excited for this Spring and Summer, I think you're going to love playing outside with your Sister. As long as I can keep you from eating rocks. We'll see.

You love your sleep, 12 hours at night and 2-3 one hour naps during the day. I won't complain about that. When you are ready for your nap, it's definitely obvious - sometimes you even go get your blankie or paci out of your crib and bring it to me, then you walk back to your room leading the way. You usually climb right up into Reagan's bed - maybe in a few months I'll lay you down there and see what plays out. 

You love waving hello and bye, and get SO excited when either I or Daddy come home from somewhere. You also love playing peek -a- boo and hide and seek behind the living room curtains.

I can't believe how much these girls have changed in a year. My Mommy heart can't take it.

I love you my sweet girl.

Happy Birthday!

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