Tuesday, March 31, 2015

31 Weeks

31 weeks pregnant with baby number three

Things I've googled this week:
1. "can a baby's movements break your water"
2. "ripped belly button piercing while pregnant"
3. "what did Kourtney Kardashian name her latest baby?"

1: If they can, I guarantee Lincoln will be 100% at fault for that. He moves more violently than either of the girls did, but I also feel like when he's ready he's just going to pack his bags and crawl out on his own. Which would be fine with me.

2: Its ripping, the super thin segment of skin that used to house a cute jeweled barbell on what once was a flat toned stomach is now ripping. Cool. My belly button in general is really sore, doesn't help that I'm constantly bumping into things.

3: I had a dream that she named her boy(?) Lincoln and everyone would ask if we picked the name because of her....I was relived to find out that she named it Reign...I'm still under educated on the gender of her baby, which I'm okay with.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I've had two different dreams that my friends are secretly pregnant and not telling me...I think it must mean I'm feeling disconnected from my girlfrans.

I've read zero more pages in my birth book since last week, I think all the contractions I'm having are gentle reminders to get that in check.

I have cankles today for the first time this pregnancy, seems to be right on schedule.

Overall feeling good, definitely feeling pregnant, but I know it's still pretty early to give in to my complaints.

Love you baby Lincoln!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sisters Pics

We had a fun relaxing weekend of lounging at home, and I think those are always the best opportunities for photos - So I grabbed my camera and snapped away.

Poor Carter, she's always confused when I hand her a piece of chalk and instruct her to draw on the wall. Yet if she has crayons at the table I'm all "only on the paper, only on the paper, not on the table. no, not on the chairs, only on the paper".

Both the girls got a lot of tractor time on Sunday, we have officially busted out the Summer toys. I predict that both of them will have this driving business down by August.

75degrees out - insists on wearing her hat.

Reagan definitely started getting the hang of the whole steering thing by the end of their play time, once she gets good we will take the 2nd gear safety bar off and let her fly!

Hope you all had a great weekend! & Since today is our Friday our weekend starts tonight! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Annulment day!

A beautiful thing about the railroad is that, if for some reason they don't have enough rested people to work a job, your job gets annulled (cancelled) for the day and you still get paid for it! It doesn't happen often, I think this is the first time it has ever happened to Cody, but we jumped on the "free day" off and got a Spring time project done that I've had my eye on for a while.

The rock garden area in front of our house has bugged me since we moved in. The plants were over grown and chaotic, they gave me anxiety. So I took the weed whacker to some and had Cody rip out the rest.

Overgrown Mess:

Once the anxiety inducing mess was gone I had no clue what to put there. I thought maybe an array of pots filled with bright flowers, easy to maintain and switch out every year but I just couldn't decide on pots. So it sat empty last Summer. 

Questionable Empty Rock Garden:

Enter pinterest. Where the ideas flow like fine wine. 

Here is the magic we *cough cough* Cody completed. I was hoping for a clean, neat look. I love our baby bushes, and hope that by the time we are looking to put the house on the market they will have filled in nicely. 

I highly recommend scheduling all labor intensive projects for when you're too pregnant to bend over. Thanks for all your hard work babe!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

OPERATION: change of plans

My most favorite thing about being a stay at home mother is my flexible schedule, we can do when / what / where /  how - whenever. For the most part. Especially since the girls are young and haven't built a schedule of their own.

Today, for example: 
I constructed my grocery list
Got myself dressed & ready
Got both girls dressed
Got the girls loaded in the car
Ran back inside for the deodorant swipes I forgot earlier
& started down the road

I got to the second stop light before I said to myself
"What am I doing? I don't want to grocery shop today!"

But I knew the girls would lose their ban.an.aas if I just turned around and went home, so I made a totally legal lane change and headed to Subway for lunch. I figured we could kill 20 minutes easy with a quick and dirty lunch stop and then head home where I could unload my crazies and not deal with Saturday afternoon judgmental looks from strangers.

As I drove home I couldn't help but think about how much I love my schedule *or lack of*. I can grocery shop tomorrow, or hell I can go Monday or Tuesday probably need to go before Wednesday if I want to feed my children. But you get the point.

I know soon enough our days will fill with school drop offs / pickups, ballet, t-ball, birthday parties and whatever non sense activities we end up in, but for now, 

I'll do what I want.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Patio Makeover

So we decided to axe the hot tub - it came with the house, we had no clue if it worked, but we thought it was a total bonus. 

After a few quick fixes from our obligated personal handy man, Shawn, it was up and running like new! Cody and I were pretty stoked. 

I think we got in it a total of 20 or so times this Winter, which I guess is an ok amount, but with the lack of privacy from our neighbors and with Cody working nights more often than not we decided that we would much rather have the room under our patio for the kids to play and hang out. Having a hot tub was cool, but the weekly maintenance and added expense to our power bill were definitely down falls. 

We've been loving our little hangout area, and I love that the girls will have a nice shady place to play this Summer.

Monday, March 23, 2015

30 weeks SERIOUSLY?!

I can't even. 

I know, I know. How dramatic and cliche of me. But I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. I remember the day I found out we were expecting another babe like it was yesterday, and now I'm rounding the corner to full term. 

Should we start taking bets on how long it takes me to lose my sanity as a mother of three kids under three?? 

Not much changes week by week, except my waistline of course. 

Lots of braxton hicks sprinkled with some real contractions here and there. 

I've started drinking the kool-aid raspberry leaf tea, I've done this with my previous two pregs & I think it helps for sure. I've had great success in my post-pardum recovery, I think having a nice healthy uterus can only be beneficial for us all. 

30 weeks pregnant with baby number three

I still need to finish my birth/delivery book and start really practicing some of the birth techniques I've learned. 

I also still need to pre register at the hospital, I think it's dumb I have to do this each time. I also feel like I should have earned a frequent flyers card by now. 

Baby Link has lots of hiccups throughout the day.

He is still a mover and a shaker, I love pushing on my belly and having him kick back.

Still no heartburn, which is CRAZY to me. I had it SO flaming bad with both the girls. 

30 weeks pregnant with baby number three

and just for fun:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The girls' IKEA dresser reveal!

As I've complained mentioned, we picked up dressers for all three kids last month from Ikea when we were over on the west side of the state. After a month of staining, scuffing, staining, scuffing, poly'ing, scuffing...okay you get the point. Well they're DONE! 

After scouring pinterest for inspiration and ideas I decided to go the two tone route with the two dressers for the girls, adding a little accent by painting the pulls gold.
We used:

 Minwax gel stain, Cherry Wood (2 coats)
Varathane Polyurathane, Satin (3 coats)

{Tops and Legs}
Rust-oleum, Heirloom White (3 coats)
Varathane Polyurathane, Satin (3 coats)

Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic, Gold
Varathane Polyurathane (Spray can), Satin (2 coats)

In hindsight we should have primed the parts we wanted to paint, the top and legs. It would have saved us from having to do so many coats of spray paint and may have gotten a nicer finish.

Overall I am IN LOVE with these dressers! Well worth the time and effort we put in to them, and obviously can't beat the IKEA price tag. I'm hoping these dressers last the girls over the years and grow with them as their room decor changes and matures.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Little Lincoln's Room Progress / Inspiration

Link's nursery is TOTALLY ready! Welcome home baby Lincoln! 

...Ok. Maybe not totally....

But I wanted to share what little we have so far. 

This little wood box turned shelf was a Christmas present from Cody's Mom, I plan to use it for little knicky-knacky type things.

The area above his dresser might as well be called "raid the barn for decor", because basically everything is from Nana & Papa's- the old camp lantern was Lincoln's Great Great Grandpa Sperry's, the rusty horseshoe and deer antlers are farm finds, the white stag was a Christmas decoration of Nana's that I renewed with some spray paint, and the "cowboys" boot is a decoration my Papa made for our wedding. The barn board wall hanging was originally made for Reagan's nursery, but will be more suited for Lincoln's nursery now. Most of this stuff will find homes elsewhere in Link's room, but for now it's all piled on the dresser waiting to find its place.

Speaking of dresser. It's 99% done!!! Hollar at never going to Ikea again. Just kidding. But I am glad to be done with the dresser saga. I still need to decide on pulls - do I want to stain them to match or paint them? And if I paint, what color? I'm leaning more towards staining them but we'll see.

And lastly this canvas I made, it's Navy blue - hard to really capture the color but I love the way it looks against the gray paint. 

As we get closer I'll de-craft table it and assemble the crib, also dust off the glider we have in the garage and throw that in there. So mainly it's done.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Lately Updates

Cody started a new work schedule this past week, us girls have been slowly adjusting to it. Hopefully this week will seem a little more "easy". TBD.

We've been loving the warmer weather, lots of outside time!

The girls got new car seats, ANND CJ got turned around to forward facing. She LOVES it! I think she feels like a big girl getting to ride like Reaggy. These seats are much more streamlined and will allow for us to have room for Link's car seat, which we'll install closer to his arrival.

I've added a few Spring items to the Etsy shop, and have even had my FIRST SALE! Pretty exciting!

I'm still picking away at Lincoln's dresser -  I've reached OVER IT status, so things are moving a little slower. But I've started adding a few decorative touches to his room, so that's pretty exciting. I'll be sure to share when I get the chance so take some pics.

We have big plans for a patio makeover, so this is more of a teaser. Can't wait to share pics when we get it all complete!

Our Wee Little St. Patty's Day Shenanigans

Reagan and I prepped some St Patty's day treats, and CJ helped by taking a 3 hr nap, which totally never happens.

On Tuesday morning my favorite Leprechaun got up with the little Irish goons and let me sleep in, basically the equivalent to finding my pot of gold!

I awoke to the girls being served their royal green breakfasts. 


Then Reagan and I headed out to the mall to get some new flip flops for her, we also may have had an impromptu ear piercing...

We returned to a steaming hot pot of corned beef and cabbage...remind me next year that Cody needs to cook this outside... I think it will take till Easter for the house to air out! 

Hope you all got a little Irish yesterday, and maybe even found your pot of gold!

29 Weeks

Alternately titled: "I feel Pregnant"

Sleep is starting to get harder, rolling over can be considered a full contact sport. And slowly insomnia is starting to creep in.

Little Link is starting to get heavy, and hurts when he pushes out on my belly. He is still very active in there, I'm not looking forward to when he starts to slow down, it always makes me worry when they start running out of room. His little kicks are reminders that he is happy and healthy.

My stomach has been sore the last few days, esp by the end of the day. Maybe going through a growth spurt?

Even my maternity shirts are starting to resemble crop tops, Luckily I think maxi dress season is right around the corner!

Craving: ALL the turkey sandwiches in the world! Can't stop wont stop.

Looking forward to Easter!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Update for Reagan

As we near your three year birthday, it becomes more and more clear that you're less of a toddler and more of a little girl. You have such a sweet and fun disposition, I love to sit back and listen to you play. You're always taking care of your lovies, nursing them back to health or feeding them they're favorite foods.  

We must have a ladybug nest near by, because there are a ton in the grass and the girls love to go hunt for them

You are very excited for 'baby Lincoln' to be joining our family, I joke that you will call him that for the rest of your life, because it's never just 'Lincoln' it's always 'baby Lincoln'. You give him hugs and kisses and even tickles through my belly. You enjoy working on projects with me for him and we've been spending lots of time in his room getting things super masculine for his arrival. 

You are such a good big Sister to Carter, I'm very excited to see you be a big Sister to our baby Lincoln. 

You love working on projects, whether it's drawing, making "grocery lists" or building with your blocks, everything is a project to you. You are also such a good helper these days, you clean up your toys, put dishes in the kitchen, throw garbage away, anything we ask of you *usually*. 

You've been reminding us to clean up our vocab recently, when we hear you pop out a curse word it's a pretty good wake-up call. I blame Cody, of course, but I do let one slip from time to time. 

Potty training has been the name of our game since your last update. I'm proud to announce you are a solid pottier in the potty! It was a rough start, but one day it just seemed to click and we didn't look back. We did the cold turkey diaper method, one night (in January) the potty princess came and left you potty treats, pull-ups, and a whole host of princess panties and you haven't been in a diaper since. We put you in pull-ups ("night time panties") at night up until recently, we just axed those because you were waking up dry 98% of the time and we were nearing the bottom of the box, so instead of spending the money on more I thought we'd see how it went to get rid of them. We are very conscious of your beverage intake after 4pm and you seem to do just fine overnight. 

Showing off your muscles.
Daddy and I joke that you are our resident vegetarian. You LOVE veggies, you'll eat a whole bell pepper or a head of broccoli as a snack. But still have a soft spot for chicken nuggets and pizza with sausage and olives. 

We love you sweet girl!

Our dancing queen!

Reagan's Stats:
Weight: 28lbs
Height: 35''