Monday, March 9, 2015

26 / 27 / 28 Weeks

WOW. Has it really been three weeks since my last bumpdate?! I'm not even slacking on purpose, time is just flying by so fast I can't even keep up.

I had my Glucose test during my last doctor's appt (Feb 17th), and I never heard back about it so I'm assuming I passed. WHEW! I was a little nervous, but could tell after drinking the kool-aid that things were a-ok, from what I've read you usually feel REALLY sick during your one hour wait time. I did manage to have a nice sugar crash about 2.5 hrs later, never fun.

I'm officially at the two week appts marker, so I'll get the pleasure of getting weighed and poked at every two weeks instead of four. This pregnancy has seriously gone by so fast, Cody just recently informed me that I'll be full term in just over two months. YIKES. Three kids just seems

I've been keeping busy with projects, finishing dressers, sewing, daydreaming about squishy newborns (that's a project right?). I managed to whip up a boppy cover:

I fell in love with the fabric after seeing it on Etsy, but the price tag was a little too steep for this mama, so I scoured the internet for no less than an hour and found the fabric and made it myself. The back is a solid charcoal gray flannel. I love it.

Lincoln is constantly moving, especially when I lay down in bed at night. The other night I could actually palm his head, he had it pressed so hard against my stomach. I wake up a few times a week in udder and complete pain because he is wedged into some awful position, usually against my right hip bone. I've been reading a lot about natural birth, I was so unprepared with Carter that I'm determined to go into the birthing process with a lot more knowledge and confidence in my breathing and relaxation techniques.

I've been getting crazy bad cramps in my calves and feet/toes. I don't remember getting them with the girls, at least not this frequently. But one thing I don't have (knock on all the wood) is heartburn. I have somehow managed to skip it so far, and with the girls I was a regular flame thrower by this point. The other thing I managed to bypass is pregnancy acne, I guess it's true what they say about having girls and them stealing your beauty, because I had a solid few weeks of it with the both the girls.

So I had my 28 week doctors appt this morning, I did in fact pass my glucose test, with flying colors. Also my blood platelet count is already starting to drop, so I will most likely not be able to get an epidural during delivery. It makes the choice of going natural all that much more easier...I guess. Link is healthy and growing, all is well in the womb.

I'll try and be better about our little weekly chats, as the weeks are coming to a quick end.

Love you all long time.

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