Wednesday, March 18, 2015

29 Weeks

Alternately titled: "I feel Pregnant"

Sleep is starting to get harder, rolling over can be considered a full contact sport. And slowly insomnia is starting to creep in.

Little Link is starting to get heavy, and hurts when he pushes out on my belly. He is still very active in there, I'm not looking forward to when he starts to slow down, it always makes me worry when they start running out of room. His little kicks are reminders that he is happy and healthy.

My stomach has been sore the last few days, esp by the end of the day. Maybe going through a growth spurt?

Even my maternity shirts are starting to resemble crop tops, Luckily I think maxi dress season is right around the corner!

Craving: ALL the turkey sandwiches in the world! Can't stop wont stop.

Looking forward to Easter!

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