Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Update for Carter

My Sweet Carter J, time for an update I suppose! We've been going non stop since your birthday, and you've been growing and changing so fast! 

Your vocab, in some form or another, includes: Milk, Ew, More, Water, Please & Thank you, uh-oh, all done, Movie (which really just means Frozen).

You understand most things I say, you LOVE when it's time for a "snack" but HATE when your food "is cooking" - CJ doesn't have time for that cooking nonsense, she wants it now. When I say it's nap time, you usually toddle back to your bedroom, climbing into sissy's bed of course. "Not for your mouth" is something I say on repeat all day long, you still love putting anything and everything in your mouth. You love going outside and if anyone goes out without you you are less than happy.

Speaking of less than happy, you know how to throw a tantrum for the ages. Reagan has never thrown one, so it's not a monkey see monkey do thing, I guess it's just in your nature. You throw them when you aren't getting something you want, or if Reagan has something you want that you can't have.

You discovered your artistic side at lunch one day, and now you like to use Reagan's crayons and chalk to create your masterpieces. 

You had a great one year checkup, sitting pretty in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. No surprise there. 

You are a full on walker/runner/barrel roller. Your latest trick is learning how to climb on both couches and recliner, and dressers, and anything else you can manage to get your little body on. We learned quickly that the new dressers needed to be screwed into the wall when you opened the top drawer and attempted a chin up, luckily I was sitting near by and could jump up and stop the mammoth dresser from smushing you like a bug. 

You love to sing and dance, and meow at any animal that comes on TV or is in books. You like seeing other babies/kids and call them all "bebe".

If Daddy or I have something to eat, it's totally expected that we share with you. You are still a real good eater and love to drink milk and water. The water of course tastes better out of my cup.

You're the best at giving big sloppy kisses, and I'll take as many as I can get! 

You nap twice a day, usually around 8a and 1p but the time is flexible depending on what is going on that day. Bed time is 6:30p and you wake up between 6:30-7a.

Brushing your teeth is easily be one of your favorite activities, anytime you catch me in the bathroom you stick your finger in your mouth and say "ahhhhhh", so brushing happens no less than twice a day. 

What else? OH Books! You and your books, that's another word you 'say'. You bring Daddy and I books all day long and demand they be read to you, we need to introduce some new literature into the line up because there is only so many times we can read the same poorly written material over and over. Never fear, anytime I start to protest reading the same book for the 305th time in an hour you give me a good wack to the face with it and rectify the situation. 

You love to hide around corners or under things and peak out and say "BAA" (BOO) and when I pretend to startle you laugh and laugh.

You look up to your big Sister so much and love when she pays attention to you, although you clearly also love when you get one on one time with either Daddy or I.

You still have some 18m clothes, but wear 24m or 2T most of the time. It's just easier for me to mix and mingle Reagan's clothes with yours, and are wearing size 3 shoes.

Carter's One Year Stats: 
Height: 31.5''
Weight: 24 lbs

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