Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Update for Reagan

As we near your three year birthday, it becomes more and more clear that you're less of a toddler and more of a little girl. You have such a sweet and fun disposition, I love to sit back and listen to you play. You're always taking care of your lovies, nursing them back to health or feeding them they're favorite foods.  

We must have a ladybug nest near by, because there are a ton in the grass and the girls love to go hunt for them

You are very excited for 'baby Lincoln' to be joining our family, I joke that you will call him that for the rest of your life, because it's never just 'Lincoln' it's always 'baby Lincoln'. You give him hugs and kisses and even tickles through my belly. You enjoy working on projects with me for him and we've been spending lots of time in his room getting things super masculine for his arrival. 

You are such a good big Sister to Carter, I'm very excited to see you be a big Sister to our baby Lincoln. 

You love working on projects, whether it's drawing, making "grocery lists" or building with your blocks, everything is a project to you. You are also such a good helper these days, you clean up your toys, put dishes in the kitchen, throw garbage away, anything we ask of you *usually*. 

You've been reminding us to clean up our vocab recently, when we hear you pop out a curse word it's a pretty good wake-up call. I blame Cody, of course, but I do let one slip from time to time. 

Potty training has been the name of our game since your last update. I'm proud to announce you are a solid pottier in the potty! It was a rough start, but one day it just seemed to click and we didn't look back. We did the cold turkey diaper method, one night (in January) the potty princess came and left you potty treats, pull-ups, and a whole host of princess panties and you haven't been in a diaper since. We put you in pull-ups ("night time panties") at night up until recently, we just axed those because you were waking up dry 98% of the time and we were nearing the bottom of the box, so instead of spending the money on more I thought we'd see how it went to get rid of them. We are very conscious of your beverage intake after 4pm and you seem to do just fine overnight. 

Showing off your muscles.
Daddy and I joke that you are our resident vegetarian. You LOVE veggies, you'll eat a whole bell pepper or a head of broccoli as a snack. But still have a soft spot for chicken nuggets and pizza with sausage and olives. 

We love you sweet girl!

Our dancing queen!

Reagan's Stats:
Weight: 28lbs
Height: 35''

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