Thursday, March 26, 2015

Patio Makeover

So we decided to axe the hot tub - it came with the house, we had no clue if it worked, but we thought it was a total bonus. 

After a few quick fixes from our obligated personal handy man, Shawn, it was up and running like new! Cody and I were pretty stoked. 

I think we got in it a total of 20 or so times this Winter, which I guess is an ok amount, but with the lack of privacy from our neighbors and with Cody working nights more often than not we decided that we would much rather have the room under our patio for the kids to play and hang out. Having a hot tub was cool, but the weekly maintenance and added expense to our power bill were definitely down falls. 

We've been loving our little hangout area, and I love that the girls will have a nice shady place to play this Summer.

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